Sisk Park Bocce Club concludes fall tourney


Gary Vacin

The Sisk Park Bocce Club concluded its fall session with more than 190 players competing in the round-robin tournament. The club celebrated another successful season by attending the Pot Luck and Awards Picnic on January 14.

Cash prizes of $15, $10 and $5 were awarded to players in the top three teams in each of 12 divisions.

The club’s winter session is now underway.

The top three finishers in each division follows:

Div. A – tie for 1st place: Bill Janick/John Terranova and Tony and Marie Racano; tie for 3rd place: Harry and Sharon Bicchieri and Les and Maggie Klingberg

Div. B – tie for 1st place: Larry Beck/Jane Cambridge and Roy and Linda Parfitt; tie for 3rd place: Rita and Bob Lobello and Fritz and Beth Derheim

Div. C – 1st place: Bill and Shirley Danner; tie for 2nd place: Paul and Judy Hester; Leonard and Brenda Streit

Div. D – tie for 1st place: Mike Buscaglia and Doc Heckler; Bob and Barb Schmoekel; 3rd place: Richard and Kathy Koon

Div. E – tie for 1st place: Dave and Sharon Freema; Jim and Diane Roberts; 3rd place: Alan and Janet Kurth

Div.F – 1st place: Shirley Hutchings and Laura Sahlin; tie for 2nd place: Tom and Sue Sindelar; Kath Cornall/Jo Bryant

Div. G – 1st place: Michael and Charlan Dalsanders; tie for 2nd place: Lyle and Marlene Snow; Bill and Val Crump

Div. H – 1st place: Mike and Mary Canterbury; tie for 2nd place: Deane and Liz Grav; Richard and Pamela Reuter

Div. I – tie for 1st place: Patricia Camp and Lydie Bute; Peter and Laura Hanna; 3rd place: Jan and Denna Gabriel

Div. J – 1st place: Don and Lois Hudson; 2nd place: Barbara Boger and Dan Broome; 3rd place: Ollie and Stephanie Johnson; Neil and Karen Donohoe

Div. K – 1st place: Don and Lorie DeNapoli; 2nd place: Steve and Margie Brandon; 3rd place (4-way tie): Marie and John Carlson, Bob and Janie East, Steve and Kathie Gates; Mike Giarlo and Candice Lelivelt

Div. L – tie for 1st place: Joe Igelmund and Betty Jean Black; Stan and Lynn Kopp; 3rd place: Bill and Judy Kohlmann