Six Teams Go Undefeated in Sisk Park Bocce

Gary Vacin

Seven teams ran the table as the Sisk Park Bocce Club concluded its fall season.

Glenn and Kathleen Baldwin rolled to a 9-0 record in B-Division play. Duos with 8-0 records follow: Mike and Diane Grady, Division C; Patrick and Chris O’Keefe, Division D; Gary and Dorothy Vacin, Division E; Bob and Barb Schmoekel, Division F; Tim Lamb and Peggy Adams, Division J; Terry and Debbie Dunn posted a 7-0 record in Division I; Cindy and Deno Edwards went 6-0 in Division H.

Club rules call for teams that finish first and second in each division move up one division, and teams finishing last and second to last move down one division for play in the following season’s tournament.

Cash awards of $20, $15, and $10 were presented to the top three finishers in each division, respectively, at the club’s Awards and Potluck Party Jan. 19. Top three finishers in each division follow:

Division A – 1. Les and Maggie Klingberg, 2. Larry Beck and Jane Cambridge, 3. (tie) Mike Buscaglia, Roy and Linda Parfitt, Tony and Maria Racano

Division B – 1. Glenn and Kathleen Baldwin, 2. (tie) Richard and Kathy Koon, Bob and Karen Snow, Larry and Nancy Vanderslice

Division C – 1. Mike and Diane Grady, 2. Gary and Sheila Bross, 3. Bill and Val Crump

Division D – 1. Patrick and Chris O’Keefe, 2. Tony and Sherie Casillas, 3. Mike and Mary Canterbury

Division E – 1. Gary and Dorothy Vacin, 2. (tie) Colleen and Jeff Blankenship and Frank Broley and Patricia Vickers

Division F – 1. Bob and Barb Schmoekel, 2. (tie) Marilyn Conner and Mike Giarlo, Neil and Karen Donohoe, Claire Ziegler and Marie Boyes

Division G – 1. Garnett and Roz Pederson, 2. (tie) Dottie Allison and Peggy Nicholson, Don and Shirley Milliron, Dolores Mahaffey and Lucy Geller

Division H – 1. Deno and Cindy Edwards, 2. (tie) Lou Blass and Joyce Ennis, Ed Katarski and Dawn Lott

Division I – 1. Terry and Debbie Dunn, 2. (tie) Dan Gentile and Bob and Carol Fernandez

Division J – 1. Tim Lamb and Peggy Adams, 2. (tie) Ed and Maryclare New, Walter and Sherry Parmon

Division K – 1. (tie) Jean Kurlander and Joe Ficek and David and Patty Zych. 3. (tie) Bob and Nancy Robinson and Susan and Christian Stokes

Play is currently underway in the spring session, which ends March 22. Other March events include the Low Hanging Fruit tournament, March 26, and the 2nd session Potluck and Awards Party, March 29.

For additional information, contact Jim Roberts, club president, at 425-681-6583.