SLC August update – Why should you consider a non denominational church?

Pastor Don Hendricks

For more than half my life I was a pastor in a denominational church. I would be proud to defend the institution because you always knew what you were being taught came from a united perspective and a tested theology and a uniform practice. And, I know you may feel the same way.

Now after many years in nondenominational churches I can say that for seniors who have moved around a bit and have attended perhaps a number of different denominations that the approach our church takes toward the gospel is worth your consideration. I certainly respect whatever background you come from. As seniors it is refreshing to exchange ideas from our past Christian experiences and learn from each other as we explore the Bible.

We are a Bible based church, yet we realize that there have been many different interpretations about many issues in scripture, and we therefore feel it wise to focus on the major truths that are shared by all and be enriched by our own views being compared to the views of others.

As we reach our retirement years we have learned to think independently and frankly I have developed some views different from those I learned growing up – and no doubt you have too. In a non-denominational church like ours we can respect those views without insisting on conformity to a set of propositions – or even traditions – that may have been formed centuries ago in another culture.

Sun Lakes Community Church values the fact that we started here in Sun Lakes to be a place for all our residents to worship and learn and practice our Christian faith with a view to the unique place we live and the special interests of active senior citizens. I invite you to discover the unique fellowship that we enjoy. I might also encourage you to get active in a church – even if it is not ours.

Each Sunday we worship together in the Chapel here in Sun Lakes across from the Sun Lakes Country Club. Come join us some Sunday at 9:30 a.m. In the meantime go to and listen to a sermon or two of mine and meet others who would like to become your friend.