SLCC Ladies 18-hole results

18 Holers league enjoys social time after golf!

18 Holers league enjoys social time after golf!

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Golf results:

12/09. – Scramble: 1st place team Cheryl Reed, Mary Billideau, Gail Lerette and Kay Nielsen (63), 2nd place team (tie) Debra Emerick, Diane Grosse, Sarah Green and Jackie Sakamoto (64), Marci Koppelmaa, Pinky Kubiak, Mavis Nixon and Donna Bailey (64), 3rd place team (tie) Nicole Wadley, Shelby Larson, Elaine Donovel and Bea Hadsell (65), Jan Martin, Margaret Werseen, Arnie Havens and Donna Jones (65), Debbie Ebel, Betty Ulrich, Goldie Herberg and Nettie Dingler (65)

12/16. Low Net:

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Karen Mcguiness (17), Kelly Dennis (17), 2nd Marci Koppelmaa (18), 3rd (tie) Dang Parker (20) and Nicole Wadley (20); Flight 2: 1st Debbi Ebel (15), 2nd Gloria Fronk (17), 3rd Shirley Brenner (18); Flight 3: 1st Mary Billideau (15), 2nd (tie) Jacque Lingle (17) and Pat Benson (17), 3rd (tie) Carolyn Luna(18) and Debbie Martin (18); Flight 4: 1st Judy Mical (11), 2nd Dianne Hoyt (13), 3rd (tie) Ariete Lima (14), Jeanne Nelson (14), Lillian Look (14)and Margot Mask (14)

12/23. Net Score 9 Holes: Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick (26), 2nd Cheryl Reed (28), 3rd (tie) Daryl Mellafont (29), Karla Carrillo (29) and Kelly Dennis(29); Flight 2: 1st (tie) Janet Batting (27), Shirley Brenner (27), 2nd (tie) Anne Carlson (28), Debbie Loch (28), Nancy Field (28), 3rd (tie) Betty Ulrich (32), Elsie Hagen (32), Gloria Fronk (32) and Iris Cannaday (32); Flight 3: 1st Mary Billadeau (24), 2nd Jeanie Fehringer (25), 3rd Pinky Kubiak(26); Flight 4: 1st-Margot Mask (27), 2nd Judi Kilgus (28), 3rd (tie) Arne Havens (29)and Shelia Pauley (29); Flight 5: 1st (tie) Nettie Dingler (26), Sarah Green (26), 2nd Barb Rogers (27), 3rd Mavis Nixon (27)

12/30. Three Clubs and a Putter, Net Score: Flight 1: 1st Cheryl Reed (56), 2nd Marci Koppelmaa (58), 3rd (tie) Dang Parker (29) and Debra Emerick (29); Flight 2: 1st Janet Batting (60), 2nd (tie) Anne Carlson (62), Betty Ulrich (62), 3rd (tie) Iris Cannaday (63), Kelly Dennis (63)and Nancy Field (63); Flight 3: 1st Mary Oester (56), 2nd (tie) Debbie Martin (57) and Elsie Hagen (57), 3rd Pinky Kubiak (60); Flight 4: 1st Shelia Pauley (50), 2nd Jan Fletcher (55), 3rd (tie) Jeanie Fehringer (59) and Mavis Nixon(59); Flight 5: 1st Nettie Dingler (52), 2nd Jean Jones (56), 3rd Goldie Herberg (60); Flight 6: 1st Betty Peer (59), 2nd Barb Rogers (62), 3rd Donna Bailey (65)

Welcome to any new members that have joined us this past month. February is a busy month for the 18 Holers. Tee times will be at noon on February 3, 17 and 24. The Valentine’s party will be on February 10 after golf. Golf time on the February 10 will be at 8:30 a.m. The Women’s Derby is scheduled for February 15. Qualifying for the Guys and Dolls Derby will be on the February 24. If you plan on playing on any Tuesday your money must be in the box no later than noon on the Saturday before.