SLCC Ladies 18 Holers

Barb Hansen serving Lynda Smith and Marci Koppelmaa.

Barb Hansen serving Lynda Smith and Marci Koppelmaa.

Nancy Field

We are very fortunate to have Barb Hanson as part of our golf league. She loves to bake and brings us a new homemade treat every week. Thank you Barb.

04/01. Three out of four Net Best Ball: 1st team of Kelly Dennis, Pinky Kubiak, Faye Belt and Goldie Herberg (163), 2nd (tie) teams of Marci Koppelmaa, Jan Fletcher, Elizabeth Creger and Donna Bailey (164), Gloria Fronk, Iris Cannaday, Ariete Lima and Debbie Loch (164)

04/08. Member Guest Day: Our members invited a guest to join them in a fun game of golf. The day was a lot of fun and everyone that attended walked away with a prize; 1st team of Nicole Wadley, Susan Utzinger, Dianne Thompson and Dolly Schaedel (58), 2nd team of Donna Smid, Mary Horn, Debra Emerick, Pam Konkel (59), 3rd (tie) teams of Lynda Smith, Kathy Levine, Jane Hamner and Betty Fleet (60), Marci Koppelmaa, Janet Batting, Ingrid Jefferies and Judy Lintern (60)

04/15. Mish Mash Two Person Team – Flight 1: 1st team of Roxanne Belshaw and Marci Koppelmaa (51.5), 2nd team of Nicole Wadley and Cheryl Reed (52), 3rd team of Gloria Fronk and Diane Grosse (52.5); Flight 2: 1st team of Jean Ahnmark and Marylou Claypool (45.5), 2nd team of Debbie Martin and Judi Kilgus (49), 3rd team of Debbi Ebel and Elsie Hagen (51); Flight 3: 1st team of Arne Havens and Jeanne Nelson (50), 2nd team of Donna Bailey and Jan Moore (53.5), 3rd team of Lavaughn Pietz and Goldie Herberg (54)

04/22. Stableford Points – 1st team of Karla Carrillo, Iris Cannaday, Jeanie Fehringer and Shirley Sweeney (155), 2nd (tie) teams of Moe Schoenwalder, Diane Grosse, Pat Benson and Goldie Herberg (148), Donna Smid, Debbie Ebel, Shelby Larson, Betty Peer (148)

04/29. Pick the Best Drive – 1st team of Karen Brown, Jan Fletcher, Debbie Martin and Jean Ahnmark (86), 2nd team of Moe Schoenwalder, Audrey Rich, Dianne Hoyt and Betty Peer (87), 3rd (tie) teams of Cheryl Reed, Pearl Martin, Pat Benson and Bea Hadsell (88), Debbie Loch, Donna Branscom and Lavaughn Pietz (88), Lynda Smith, Joyce Switzky, Arne Havens and Nettie Dingler (88)

Tee times start in June; the first tee time will be 6:30 a.m. and the last tee time will be 10:00 a.m. You will need to fill out a slip with the golfers you want to golf with, the tee time you would like and add $3.