SLCC Pickleball Club—Meet the Board of Directors

SLCC Pickleball Club Board (left to right): Rick Chase (treasurer), Marge Owen (secretary), John Moran (director of procurements and special projects), Mary Kermoade (director of membership), Nicole Mueller (director of website design), Lonnie Kermoade (president), JD Hunt (vice president), Jim Berney (director of training, clinics, and inter-club play)

On Saturday, Dec. 3, we held our first Saturday Social, which was a huge success, even though the weather wasn’t so accommodating.

We had a Q&A with the club members and introduced our newest board member, Nicole Mueller, who is the director of website design. We are so pleased to have her on our board, as she brings added experience and knowledge to help us grow into the future.

The great news is that we have changed our Socials to Saturdays, so we can be mindful of those who worship on Sundays and be sure they can be included in all our events.

Our board members are as follows: Lonnie Kermoade, president; JD Hunt, vice president; Rick Chase, treasurer; Marge Owen, secretary; John Moran, director of procurements and special projects; Mary Kermoade, director of membership; Nicole Mueller, director of website design; and Jim Berney, director of training, clinics, and inter-club play. A very special thank you goes to Jim Berney, as he is a certified trainer who lives in Oakwood and gives of his time and experience to train our trainers and offer special advanced classes to our members.

We offer free Intro to Pickleball classes on Thursdays at 1 p.m. Anyone interested in learning to play in a safe environment is welcome to come join. For more information on clinics, please call Mary Kermoade at 303-931-6518 or send an email to [email protected]