SLGA playday results

Cheryl Reed

The information shared in this month’s article will be a combination of October and November due to overseeding. Many things have taken place or are happening at SLLGA. The annual Awards Banquet was a huge success thanks to Diane Grosse and her team of irregulars. This year’s banquet was really well attended, and the ladies looked fantastic. Kudos to all. The induction of new officers is underway, and the club had the annual Christmas Party on December 11. More on that in next month’s article.

For all who are not familiar with this organization, please come by and check it out. We have a fantastic group of ladies who love to play golf and have a good time (usually) playing. The course is in great shape with a very helpful and friendly staff, and all new members are welcome.

10/09. Yellow Ball + 1 Net: 1st (tie) Karen Kolis, Jan Fletcher, Nettie Dingler, Curly Ferris; Donna Smid, Kelly Dennis, Linda Peart, Cathy Lamothe; 3rd Betty Ulrich, Marci Koppelmaa, Marlys McFarland, Sarah Green; 4th Judy Wegener, Jeanne Nelson, Catherine Lajune, Uni Foster

10/16. Beat the Pro: Moe Schoenwalder, Lavaughn Pietz, Pinky Kubiak, Debra Emerick, Donna Smid, Jan Fletcher

11/13. Scramble: 1st Debra Emerick, Arne Havens, Judy Wegener, Fran Stevenson; 2nd (tie) Donna Smid, Valarie McDonald, Diane Grosse, Mary Eberle; Marci Koppelmaa, Betty Reagan, Judy Mical, Lillian Look; Sandi Frantzen, Carolyn Luna, Goldie Herberg, Cathy Lamothe/Ruth Benson

11/20. Turkey Trot: 1st (tie) Moe Schoenwalder, Elsie Hagen, Judy Mical, Uni Foster; Brigette Charles, Betty Reagan, Shirley Sweeney, Lavaughn Pietz; 3rd Betty Ulrich, Jan Fletcher, Linda Ryland, Marlys McFarland; 4th Karen Kolis, Gloria Fronk, Goldie Herberg, Jackie Sakamoto

11/27. 2-Person Teams Low Net. Flight 1: 1st Catherine Lajune, Mary Liepold; 2nd Debra Emerick, Betty Reagan; 3rd Judy Wegener, Ingrid Jeffries; 4th Brenda Heyink, Dianne Thompson; Flight 2: 1st Candy Bain, Uni Foster; 2nd (tie) Margot Mask, Lillian Look; Goldie Herberg, Lavaughn Pietz; 4th (tie) Judy Mical, Judy Cox; Jacque Lingle, Donna Bailey