SLLGA news and stats

Rob Jefferies and Cheryl Reed, winners of Guys and Dolls

Mary Liepold

Brenda Heyink

Winter has slipped away with quite a bit more cold weather, rain and wind than in previous years. We endured…. It will not be long before the members look back fondly on that cold weather. Many things have happened since the last SLLGA article: the Club Derby, the Guys and Dolls Tournament and the Club Championship, the most prestigious of them all. Congrats to Mary Liepold for winning the Derby. The winner of the Club Championship was Brenda Heyink. This is a two-week event and brings out the nerves, and the best golfers always rise to the top in all the flights. Cheryl Reed/Rob Jefferies won Guys and Dolls. Thanks, Rob.

A very, very heartfelt thank you to all of SLLGA, the fantastic people in the Pro Shop and the crazies at the bar and the citizens of Sun Lakes. Kim and I knew two people when we arrived here 13 years ago, and now I am leaving what feels like a family. The SLLGA is filled with loving, caring, fun-filled ladies. So many laughs over the years, and I want to thank everyone who lifted me up and made fun of me to keep me humble. 🙂 I will miss you more than you know. Hit ‘em long and straight. Cheryl Reed

Low Net 2/5/19, Flight 1: 1st Janet Batting, 2nd Cheryl Reed, 3rd Moe Schoenwalder; Flight 2: 1st Debbie Loch, 2nd Lynn Tanner, 3rd Dang Parker; Flight 3: 1st Gloria Fronk, 2nd Jan Martin, 3rd Ingrid Jefferies; Flight 4: 1st Judy Kilgus, 2nd Dianne Thompson, 3rd (tie) Lilian Getty and Edie Durieux; Flight 5: 1st (tie) Sharon Elliott and Lavaughn Pietz, 3rd Candy Bain; Flight 6: 1st (tie) Cathy Lamothe and Donna Bailey, 3rd Shirley Sweeney; Flight 7: 1st Betty Peer, 2nd (tie) Ruth Anderson and Uni Foster

You Pick Em 2/12/19, Flight 1: 1st (tie) Sandi Frantzen, Lynn Tanner and Penny Nowicki; 2nd (tie) Karen Smith, Lynda Smith and Debra Emerick; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Elsie Hagen, Ingrid Jefferies and Gloria Fronk; 2nd Catherine Lajune; 3rd Dori Winchester; Flight 3: 1st Judi Kilgus; 2nd Jeanne Nelson; 3rd (tie) Donna Bailey, Jan Conley, Sharon Elliott, Fran Stevenson and Marlys McFarland; Flight 4: 1st Uni Foster; 2nd (tie) Judy Cox and Tricia Colombe; 3rd (tie) Goldie Herberger and Sarah Green

Combined Net Score 2/26/19, Flight 1: 1st (tie) Cheryl Reed/Judy Lintern and Karen Smith/Lynda Smith; 3rd Debra Emerick/Betty Ullrich; Flight 2: 1st Kelly Dennis/Catherine Lajune; 2nd (tie) Barb Hanson/Dori Winchester and Julie Hamlin/Elaine Donovel; Flight 3: 1st Roxanne Belshaw/Jeanie Fehringer; 2nd Pam Sebela/Arne Havens; 3rd Lavaughn Pietz/Gloria Mundy; Flight 4: 1st Jan Cobb/Cathy Dunn; 2nd Uni Foster/Judy Cox; 3rd Pat Benson/Donna Jones

Low Net Score 3/5/19, Flight 1: 1st Janet Batting, 2nd Judy Wegener, 3rd (tie) Debra Emerick and Penny Nowicki; Flight 2: 1st Betty Ulrich, 2nd Dang Parker, 3rd Julie Hamlin; Flight 3: 1st Jan Martin, 2nd Dori Winchester, 3rd Gloria Fronk; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Iris Cannaday and Catherine Lajune, 3rd Val McDonald; Flight 5: 1st Jan Cobb, 2nd (tie) Margot Mask and Donna Bailey, 4th (tie) Pat Benson and Cheryl Bunch; Flight 6: 1st Donna Jones, 2nd Gloria Mundy, 3rd Marlys McFarland

Rain Day Tournament 3/12/19 – Every participant won $3.59

Club Championship 3/19 3/26 – Winner Brenda Heyink. Flight 1: 1st Judy Wegener, 2nd Penny Nowicki, 3rd Debra Emerick; 4th Nancy O’Donnell; Flight 2: 1st Lynda Smith, 2nd Dang Parker, 3rd Karen Smith, 4th (tie) Jane Sackett and Mary Liepold; Flight 3: 1st Jan Martin, 2nd Barb Hanson, 3rd Jan Fletcher, 4th (tie) Gloria Fronk and Lilian Getty; Flight 4: 1st Dori Winchester, 2nd Iris Cannaday, 3rd Terrie Schramm, 4th Judi Kilgus; Flight 5: 1st Margot Mask, 2nd Lavaughn Pietz, 3rd Pat Benson, 4th Jo Solie; Flight 6: 1st Arnie Havens, 2nd Rosemarie Berry, 3rd Jan Conley, 4th Linda Peart; Flight 7: 1st Tricia Colombe, 2nd Barb Rogers, 3rd Jackie Sakamoto, 4th (tie) Fran Stevenson and Judy Cox

Congratulations to all the winners in each flight.