SLLGA news and scores

Congratulations to Karen Kolis, 2016 Club Champion!

Congratulations to Karen Kolis, 2016 Club Champion!

Nancy Field

Two week Club Championship – Flight 1: 1st Nicole Wadley, 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick and Lynda Smith, 3rd Janet Batting; Flight 2: 1st Karla Carrillo, 2nd Mary Billideau, 3rd Mary Liepold; Flight 3: 1st Ingrid Jefferies, 2nd Nancy Field, 3rd (tie) Elsie Hagen and Judi Kilgus; Flight 4: 1st Pat Benson, 2nd Jacque Lingle, 3rd Jeanne Miszewski; Flight 5: 1st Nettie Dingler, 2nd Sarah Green, 3rd Goldie Herberg; Flight 6: 1st Ann Sack, 2nd Jo Solie, 3rd Barb Rogers

Three Clubs and a Putter – Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick, 2nd Marci Koppelmaa, 3rd (tie) Donna Smid and Terri Mandt; Flight 2: 1st Mary Liepold, 2nd (tie) Anne Carlson and Shirley Brenner, 3rd Nancy Field; Flight 3: 1st Jan Martin, 2nd Elaine Donovel, 3rd (tie) Julie Hamlin and Jeanne Nelson; Flight 4: 1st Pearl Martin, 2nd (tie) Jeanne Miszewski and Pat Benson, 3rd Judi Kilgus; Flight 5: 1st (tie) Goldie Herberg and Nettie Dingler, 2nd Sarah Green, 3rd Lavaughn Pietz; Flight 6: 1st Dori Winchester, 2nd Jo Solie, 3rd (tie) Ann Sack and Linda Peart

Scramble – 1st place team Nicole Wadley, Judi Kilgus, Maryls Mcfarland and Tricia Colombe, 2nd place team (tie) Barb Hanson, Shirley Sweeney, Dori Winchester and Ruth Benson and Shirley Brenner and Sarah Green, 3rd place team (tie) Marylou Claypool, Valerie Mcdonald, Gail Lerette, Nancy Anderson and Dang Parker and Jan Martin, Shelby Larson and Jacki Sakamoto

Low Gross – Flight 1: 1st Cheryl Reed, 2nd Nicole Wadley, 3rd Karla Carrillo; Flight 2: 1st Carolyn Luna, 2nd Jan Fletcher, 3rd Marci Koppelmaa and Mary Liepold; Flight 3: 1st Judi Kilgus, 2nd Jeanne Nelson, 3rd Valerie Mcdonald; Flight 4: 1st Cheryl Bunch, 2nd (tie) Dori Winchester, Lavaughn Pietz and Mary Poltonavage, 3rd (tie) Debbie Martin and Jeanne Miszewski; Flight 5: 1st Fran Stevenson, 2nd Goldie Herberg, 3rd (tie) Ariete Lima and Sarah Green; Flight 6: 1st (tie) Ann Sack and Donna Bailey, 2nd Barb Rogers, 3rd Ruth Anderson

Congratulations to the Guys and Dolls Derby Winners – 1st Jan Fletcher and Brent Billideau, 2nd Karla Carrillo and Chuck Lingle, 3rd Donna Smid and Terry Beddow.

Make sure you are always checking your booklet and the bulletin board for upcoming events, June will begin regular tee times; check with the Pro Shop on how to sign up for golf during the summer months.