SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

Congrats to Brenda Heyink for defending her title in the Club Championship! Also, congrats are in order for the ladies of Sun Lakes for their generosity and enthusiasm during the annual Spring Fling tournament to raise money for cancer research. Over $3,300 was raised and donated to the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

March 1 Low Net

Flight 1: 1st Brenda Heyink, 2nd Deb McGrail, 3rd Lynda Smith

Flight 2: 1st Jan Fletcher, 2nd Judy Bray, 3rd Janet Batting

Flight 3: 1st Julie Hamlin, 2nd Elsie Hagen, 3rd Cat Lajune

Flight 4: 1st Ingrid Jefferies, 2nd Lavaughn Pietz, 3rd Roxanne Belshaw

Flight 5: 1st Jeanne Nelson, 2nd Cathy Dunn, 3rd Ariete Lima

Flight 6: 1st (tie) Judy Cox and Fran Stevenson, 3rd (tie) Tricia Colombe and Betty Peer

March 15 and 22 SLLGA Club Championship

Overall winner: Brenda Heyink

Flight 1: 1st Penny Nowicki, 2nd Nadine Stark, 3rd Deb McGrail

Flight 2: 1st Judy Bray, 2nd Janet Batting, 3rd Marci Koppelmaa

Flight 3: 1st Judy Lintern, 2nd Jan Martin, 3rd Gloria Fronk

Flight 4: 1st Barb Hanson, 2nd Unni Foster, 3rd Ingrid Jeffries

Flight 5: 1st Jeanne Nelson, 2nd Jo Solie, 3rd Jacque Lingle

Flight 6: 1st Pat Benson, 2nd Goldie Herberg, 3rd Janet Jackson

March 29 Low Net

Flight 1: 1st Judy Bray, 2nd Kathy Schneider, 3rd (tie) Deb Mcgrail and Lynn Tanner

Flight 2: 1st Marci Koppelmaa, 2nd Jan Cobb, 3rd (tie) Betty Ulrich and Barb Hanson

Flight 3: 1st Sharon Elliott, 2nd (tie) Jeanne Nelson, Unni Foster, and Cat Lajune

Flight 4: 1st Janet Jackson, 2nd Fran Stevenson, 3rd Goldie Herberg