SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

The days are heating up, and social distancing is the new norm. Golf is considered essential outdoor recreation, so the ladies league plays on!

April 7:  2 Low Nets: 1st Judy Wegener, Judy Bray, Unni Foster, and Betty Peer; 2nd Lynda Smith, Betty Ulrich, Judy Mical, and Cathy LaMothe; 3rd (tie) Penny Nowicki, Kelly Dennis, Betty Reagan, and Fran Stevenson; Brigette Charles, Elsie Hagen, Lavaughn Pietz, and Goldie Herberg

April 14:  Scram a Sham: 1st (tie) Brenda Heyink, Pam Sebela, Gloria Mundy, and Goldie Herberg; Lynda Smith, Anne Carlson, Gloria Fronk, and Janet Jackson; 3rd Judy Wegener, Jan Martin, Judy Mical, and Betty Peer

April 21:  2 Low Nets: 1st Debra Emerick, Judy Bray, Pat Benson, and Jan Conley; 2nd Judy Wegener, Pam Sebela, Judy Mical, and Betty Peer; 3rd Brigette Charles, Debbi Ebel, Jeanne Nelson, and Judy Cox

April 28: 1 2 3 Waltz: 1st Moe Schoenwalder, Jan Martin, Dori Winchester, and Donna Jones; 2nd Lynda Smith, Barb Hanson, Diane Grosse, and Judy Cox; 3rd Donna Smid, Judi Kilgus, and Goldie Herberg