SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

Congratulations to Kelly Dennis for her hole-in-one on Aug. 2nd!

8/2/22 Low Net

Flight 1: 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd (tie) Penny Nowicki, Dori Winchester, and Karen Kolis

Flight 2: 1st Judy Mical, 2nd Jacque Lingle, 3rd (tie) Joyce Anderson, Jan Fletcher, and Linda Ryland

8/9/22 Monsoon rains, league canceled

8/16/22 Mutt and Jeff

Flight 1: 1st Penny Nowicki, 2nd (tie) Julie Hamlin and Dori Winchester

Flight 2: 1st Candy Bain, 2nd Unni Foster, 3rd (tie) Pinky Kubiak and Linda Ryland

8/23/22 Gross Score Less Putts

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Barbara Arakelian and Kathy Schneider, 3rd (tie) Judy Bray and Penny Nowicki

8/30/22 Blind Holes

Flight 1: 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd Marci Koppelmaa, 3rd Kathy Schneider

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Unni Foster and Cathy Lamothe, 3rd Mary Eberle