SLLGA Results

Judy Wegener

January kicked off with our traditional Home and Home with the Ironwood 18-hole League. Congrats to Brenda Heyink and Lavaughn Pietz for participating in the State Medallion held at PebbleCreek this year.

Jan. 5 Low Net

Flight 1: 1st Judy Bray, 2nd Nancy O’Donnell, 3rd Brenda Heyink; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Dori Winchester and Jan Martin, 3rd (tie) Julie Hamlin and Karen Smith; Flight 3: 1st Gloria Fronk, 2nd Shirley Brenner, 3rd (tie) Elsie Hagen and Unni Foster; Flight 4: 1st Lavaughn Pietz, 2nd Candy Bain, 3rd Jeanne Nelson; Flight 5: 1st Sarah Green, 2nd Jacque Lingle, 3rd Pat Benson; Flight 6: 1st Donna Jones, 2nd Betty Peer, 3rd Carol Smith

Jan. 19 3 Clubs and a Putter

Flight 1: 1st Marci Koppelmaa, 2nd Judy Bray, 3rd Brenda Heyink; Flight 2: 1st Leo Liepold, 2nd Deb Ebel, 3rd (tie) Karen Smith and Dori Winchester; Flight 3: 1st Cat Lajune, 2nd Gloria Fronk, 3rd Unni Foster; Flight 4: 1st Judy Kilgus, 2nd Jeanne Nelson, 3rd Lavaughn Pietz; Flight 5: 1st Pat Benson, 2nd Cathy LaMothe, 3rd (tie) Judy Cox and Gloria Mundy

Jan. 26 Blind Partners

1st Jan Cobb and Kris Peterson, 2nd Deb Emerick and Gloria Fronk, 3rd (tie) Donna Jones and Fran Stevenson, Judy Cox and Jane Sackett