SLLGA stats


Judy Wegener

The heat is on! The ladies who brave the summer heat are able to pick their tee times for Tuesday morning play. The earlier the better, I say!

June 4 Fewest Putts

Flight 1: 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd (tie) Nancy O’Donnell and Jan Fletcher, 4th Debra Emerick; Flight 2: 1st Roxanne Belshaw, 2nd Julie Hamlin, 3rd Linda Hillyard; Flight 3: 1st Pat Benson, 2nd (tie) Sarah Green and Cathy Lamothe, 4th (tie) Jacque Lingle, Judy Mical, Betty Peer and Barb Rogers

June 11 T&F Holes

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Marci Koppekmaa, Kelly Dennis and Debra Emerick, 4th Dang Parker; Flight 2: 1st Jan Fletcher, 2nd Iris Cannaday, 3rd (tie) Cat Lajune, Betty Ulrich and Judy Bray; Flight 3: 1st Judy Mical, 2nd (tie) Sarah Green, Uni Foster, Barb Rogers and Linda Ryland

June 18 Best 9 of 18

Flight 1: 1st Karen Kolis, 2nd Debra Emerick, 3rd Kelly Dennis; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Cat Lajune and Judi Kilgus, 3rd Judy Mical; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Sarah Green, Goldie Herberg, Pat Benson and Linda Ryland

June 25 Non-Water Holes

Flight 1: 1st Dang Parker, 2nd Karen Brown, 3rd Penny Nowicki; Flight 2: 1st Cat Lajune, 2nd (tie) Judi Kilgus and Candy Bain, 4th Betty Reagan; Flight 3: 1st Joyce Anderson, 2nd (tie) Uni Foster, Jan Cobb and Pat Benson