Softball annual awards winners

Sun Division award winners Dave Platt, Dean Messier and Ken Brenden (Courtesy of Core Photography)

Lakes Division award winners Ernie Flores and Gary Alexander (Courtesy of Core Photography)

Larry Wolfe

The Sun Lakes Senior Softball Association Annual Awards were presented at the recent year-end Divisional Tournaments. (See two separate articles in this edition covering the tournament results.)

In the Sun Division, the award winners were as follows:

Top Five Batting Averages: Reyes Gonzales, Steve Hilby, Dan Melosi, Paul Gayer and Bob Wicks

Rookie-of-the-Year: Dave Platt

Most Improved Player: Dean Messier

Sportsman-of-the-Year: Ken Brenden

In the Lakes Division, the award winners were the following:

Top Five Batting averages: Gary Alexander, Al Grefsheim, Dennis Kennedy, Doug Warwick and Jim Entwistle

Rookie-of-the-Year: Ernie Flores

Most Improved Player: Gary Alexander

Sportsman-of-the-Year: Doug Warwick

Well done, gentlemen.

Our annual “Stats Review” article will be in next month’s Splash. If you’re not up to date on the latest baseball/softball advanced statistics, don’t fret. We’ll be covering good ol’ traditional stats, like doubles, triples and homers, not PEVA (Performance Evaluation Value), BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play), WRC+ (Weighted Runs Created Plus) or WAR (Wins Above Replacement). That’s because I don’t know how to calculate them or what they really mean!

Our Summer League is now underway and will continue through September 19. This is the third year we’ve had a summer program. There are five teams in the league. This year’s managers and team sponsors are Ken Brenden (Brenden Financial Planning), Gary Hillabolt (Farmers Insurance: Frank Margiotta Agency), Jim Leckner (Century 21 Real Estate Rustlers), Rick Oien (Core Photography) and Dave Platt (State Farm Insurance: Ralph Vasquez Agency).

Look no further for a player profile article this month. The author is running out of victims, but has one lined up for next month!