Softball Player profile: Sonny Lakes

Softball security guard “Manny” Lakes can be seen in his super-charged security Porsche patrolling the Field of Dreams.

Softball security guard “Manny” Lakes can be seen in his super-charged security Porsche patrolling the Field of Dreams.

Larry Wolfe

Sonny M. Lakes, known as “Manny” down at the Field of Dreams, isn’t your typical senior softball player. In fact, he doesn’t play at all, but you will see him down at the field every day. He’s currently our security guard; however, his story is rather unusual.

Manny’s originally from New York City, the adopted son of Woody and Dolly Fiberglass. His family circumstances didn’t allow him to graduate from high school or go to college; however, given his manly good looks, he soon found a position in the fashion industry as a model. He’s modeled men’s clothing from famous designers such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Tommy Hilfiger and appeared in the men’s departments of such iconic New York City stores as Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s on 34th Street and Bergdorf-Goodmans. You may also have seen him in Vogue and GQ magazines and in the 1987 movie, Mannequin, starring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall.

It was a very good life but also rather stressful. So after many years in the high-pressure world of the fashion industry in the Big Apple and a brief stint in Hollywood, Manny decided to semi-retire and headed to Sun Lakes, Arizona. He had heard there were a group of ladies in the area called the Sun Lakes Swingers, but, alas, after he arrived he found that they had changed their name to the Sun Lakes Sluggers and were actually our ladies softball team! Nevertheless, Manny decided to stay in Sun Lakes and soon adapted to the less-hectic lifestyle in our area.

He became our security guard about a year ago and has been a valuable asset to our league ever since. As you drive by the Field of Dreams you’ll see him at his post at the clubhouse always on the lookout for trouble or suspicious characters. You may also see him patrolling the grounds in his custom red Security Porsche 911. Manny has all of the qualities of a top-notch security guard: he’s honest (he’s never told a lie); he’s physically fit (hard as a rock!); he’s dedicated to his job (he never takes time off!); and, he has the uncanny ability to stand around all day doing nothing, a skill he learned during his previous modeling career!

Come by the field and say hello to Sonny M. (as in mannequin) Lakes – just don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t answer! His lips are “sealed!”