Southwest Senior Softball Champs

SW Champs: Front row (left to right): John Castro, Chuck Schaan, Denny Davidson, Mike Gloyd, Rick Oien, and Dave Platt; back row (left to right): Bobby Farmer, Dennis Dalton, Steve Hilby, Bill Corso, Dan Melosi, Brad Wendt, Mike Lebet, Thom Stephens, Jon Hendrikse, and Scorekeeper Cyndy Hilby. Not pictured: Billy Kee, Al Grefsheim, and Reyes Gonzales

Larry Wolfe

Nineteen members of our Sun Lakes Senior Softball Association were on championship teams in the annual Southwest Tournament, sponsored by Senior Softball-USA. The tournament was held earlier this year, with over 250 teams from a dozen states participating. The event was conducted at eight different softball complexes in Las Vegas and surrounding communities. The teams are divided by age group and skill levels. Here’s a listing of our championship players along with their team names and divisions:

Team: Hitmen, 60+ AAA Division

Sun Lakes Players: Dennis Dalton, Bobby Farmer, Jon Hendriske, Mike Lebet, Dan Melosi, Dave Platt, Thom Stephens, and Brad Wendt

Team: Legacy Sports 60+ Major Plus Division

Sun Lakes Player: Reyes Gonzales

Team: AZ Scorpions, 65+ Major Division

Sun Lakes Players: Bill Corso, Bobby Farmer, Steve Hilby, Rick Oien, Chuck Schaan, and Denny Davidson

Team: Ancients, 70+ Major Division

Sun Lakes Players: Mike Gloyd and John Castro

Team: Sidewinders, 80+ Division

Sun Lakes Players: Billy Kee and Al Grefsheim

In addition, we had three other players who were members of teams that finished second in their divisions: David Boone, Tim Loeffler, and John Seigla.

It was quite a showing by our guys and demonstrates the caliber of players we have in our Association. Congrats to all of our champions!

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Baseball Fun Fact: In his very first major league at bat, rookie pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm hit a homerun. The future Hall of Famer’s career continued for 21 years, but he never hit another homerun!