Speaking of Art

Bev Walter works on a mural at The Center Against Family Violence.

Bev Walter works on a mural at The Center Against Family Violence.

Susan Plouzek

Here it is, February. The month of love. We send valentines, greetings and well wishes to those we care about.

There is one among us who deserves our well wishes. Beverly Walter has recently released her stewardship as founder and chairperson of Art at the Lakes. This is the only venue I’m aware of in Sun Lakes that dedicates itself to only visual fine art. The brainchild of Mrs. Walter, Art at the Lakes began in 2008. The purpose was (and still is) to allow the firefighters to go above and beyond their normal duties of putting out fires and aiding in medical emergencies. It allows them to give back to our community in ways they would not be able otherwise. The show is also a way for visual artists to show and sell their work.

Beverly has served her community many times over. A visual artist herself, she voluntarily painted the children’s play room and 80 feet of a beautiful mural for The Center Against Family Violence. She has volunteered at various hospitals all over the valley, including Banner Gateway. Bev was a member of CAP for six years, did dog therapy with hospice and Ryan’s House, a hospice for children.

Married to Phil for 57 years, they raised two daughters and three sons. They have 10 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Bev was a nurse by profession in the neo-natal intensive care unit. Even after all of this, she still has plans to volunteer at the hospital as a “hugger!” Thanks, Bev, for a lifetime of service.

We probably all know someone this Valentine’s month that could use a hug or a thank you from us, a pleasant word, or maybe even just a smile!

With Susan there’s always something new under the sun!