Spirit of the Desert Gourd Patch

Pictured are some of our gourd enthusiasts working on Christmas projects: Julie Hemer, Pattie Langton, Carl Cooper, and Sharon Medhurst. (Photo by Vicki McKenna)

We had a wonderful time Dec. 11 at our annual Gourd Christmas Party. We met at the Poolside Café in Oakwood and had a delicious dinner and exchange of gourd Christmas ornaments.

We are now looking forward to our Wuertz Gourd Festival, which will be held Feb. 3-5.

Spirit of the Desert Gourd Patch has numerous gourd artists who will be entering gourds into the competition. Please mark your calendar, because this is not a show you want to miss. There will be entertainment, food vendors, gourd supplies, and many gourds for sale. For those interested in learning how to work with gourds, consider signing up for classes at Wuertz Gourd Farm and Festival.