Spirit of the Desert Gourd Patch

Nancy Zier

Colleen McKnight attended a class taught by Bonnie Gibson on March 6 and learned the procedure for creating the Pueblo Lady gourd. Great job Colleen!

Our Spirit of the Desert Gourd Patch exhibited a large “quilt” at the Wuertz Gourd Festival in early February. The quilt attracted much interest by the public. Indeed, our Patch members were so enthusiastic about creating the quilt that enough 3 inch by 3 inch shards were left over to create a second, smaller quilt which was sold at Art at the Lakes recently and thus it has been a benefit to our Sun Lakes Fire Department. Good community support SDGP members!

At our March 19 meeting, members brought tools, beads, trim and furnishings to sell to other members at our tailgate sale. This was an effort to get newer members set up with more complete tools and embellishments for their gourds and to allow members with excess equipment to clean their cupboards. It was an enrichment not only of camaraderie but also of tools, embellishments and pocket change!

On April 13 Shelly Fletcher and Margaret Sullivan will host a class on fabulous gourd wall hangings at the Fletcher Farm in Laveen. No doubt many of the hangings will be exhibited in homes around our Patch by their proud makers.

If you have any inclination to join our Patch, do not hesitate to contact Vicki McKenna at 480-802-1632 or Lorraine Longpre at 480-895-7771. Even beginners create interesting and colorful works of art. The Patch meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at the Arts and Crafts Room in Sun Lakes Country Club and visitors are welcome.