Spotlight On Advertiser: Your CBD Store Opens in Chandler

Daryle Mabon

National CBD retailer Your CBD Store celebrates the opening of its newest location in Chandler. In less than two years, Your CBD Stores have grown to become the world’s largest brick and mortar CBD retailer, with over 600 locations and 40 states. Founded with an emphasis on education and community, Your CBD Store has helped dismiss misconceptions about its hemp-derived products.

“Everything we do is focused on improving the lives of our customers. We are a high-quality learning environment where customers can try products and leave knowing what is in their CBD product.” Daryle Mabon, store owner of the Chandler location.

“We are not just another retail chain. We are a community of store owners who genuinely care and are educating CBD consumers around the nation.”

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, may be one of the most broadly therapeutic plant extracts of our time. It comes from the cannabis sativa plant, but our CBD is not from the USDA-defined marijuana plant, rather it comes from “Industrial Hemp.” This distinction is what makes the extract legal, as well as differences in medical applications due to chemical uniqueness with high CBD quantities. Along with its lengthy list of therapeutic properties, it comes with the backing of the medical community, the World Health Organization, the nursing community, and the veterinary community.

Since its creation, Your CBD Store has received thousands of 5-star reviews across Google and from Facebook customers. With a focus on quality, Your CBD Store has helped drive legislation in Florida and other states towards transparency and testing. Third-party lab reports, as well as lot and batch numbers, can be found on every product.

Your CBD Store offers a variety of CBD-infused products that do not require a prescription or medical card to buy. All stores only sell products manufactured by SunMed, which uses a special CO2 extraction process to eliminate the need for chemical solvents to produce a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD. The CBD is then processed again to remove all traces of THC for the company’s zero-THC products.

Your CBD Store of Chandler is now open and located at 975 E. Riggs Road, Suite 3.

About Your CBD Store

Founded by Rachael and Marcus Quinn, SunMed is an innovative provider of CBD-related health products offered exclusively through Your CBD Store nationwide. When Rachael experienced the positive effects of CBD firsthand, she knew she had to share this experience with others. She opened the first Your CBD Store in Bradenton, Fla., in 2018, and in less than two years, Your CBD Store has grown to over 600 retailers around the country and in the UK.

Each Your CBD Store offers a comfortable and inviting environment where guests can learn about CBD, try samples, and feel empowered to make a confident choice on the best cannabinoid formulation option for them. Their organic growth, client testimonials, and lab report further attest to the premium quality of their exclusive product line of SunMed CBD products.

For more information about the company or to find out how to start a store, visit the company online at