Spring Bonus: Listening to the Chorale

Jan Ott

Once again singing from the heart, the Chorale was eager to please its Spring Concert audience. Performing at the Sun Lakes United Methodist Church on Thursday evening, March 19, the group presented something for many different tastes as familiar songs often claimed their fame from a familiar movie or theatre production. The audience enjoyed foot-tapping percussion from BJ Van Noy, the peal of Ron Lindvahl’s trumpet riffs, and a nostalgic glimpse of ballroom dancers Judie and Jim Janowski.

Soloists performed favorites including Broadway’s The Impossible Dream and Oklahoma’s memorable Pore Jud is Daid. Featured soloists included Tenni Annen, Wes Davis, Ted Peck, Jack Perin, Steve Schneck, and Martha Wood. Linda Horton and Gerry Pieters were featured as a duet in Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit.

The choir loft of dedicated retirees responded to their musical partners and the combined efforts resulted in hearty applause throughout the evening. Director Cris Evans’ creativity scored high on the charts as she again provided beautiful music which held a personal message for many listeners. When the last song of the evening was the emotionally charged Why We Sing, there was no question as to why this song had been chosen.

In closing, Cris expressed her appreciation to her entire performing group as well as to the audience. Singers then entered the aisles, sharing the popular Shalom recessional with family, friends and hopefully new music lovers from the area.

The Holiday Concert seems very far away but watch for that important date when you return from your summer destinations!