St. Steven’s Church Speakers

The St. Steven’s Church Respect Life meeting on March 7 had a special speaker from Ohio. Mr. Chuck Heinlen, Sun Lakes resident during the winter months, talked about many items of information pertinent to mothers, fathers, children, and others about signing papers when out shopping at malls and other places.

Chuck is the Knights of Columbus (K of C) Grand Knight in his city in Ohio. When he spends time in Sun Lakes, he helps the K of C there and other organizations as there is need. He believes we should know our legal rights. Some of those issues are to protect children and their parental rights, in addition to protecting our rights to vote as U.S. citizens.

Carole Carnese of Chandler, Ariz., was the second speaker at the St. Steven’s Respect Life meeting. Carole serves on the board of at least 15 different organizations and drives many miles almost every day to attend those meetings. She has given time, expert advice, and help to many people.

She is a remarkable source for truth and information. She is extremely active with Silent No More and keeps people updated on what is happening in the State of Arizona. We appreciate her taking time out of her busy schedule to present so much knowledge and information pertinent to life issues.

If anyone wants to contact Carole or St. Steven’s Respect Life, call the office at 480-895-9266, Ext. 0, or 480-802-9127.

Thank you, Chuck and Carole, for all you do and have done for so many others.