Stage II Fire Restrictions Are in Effect

Eric Kriwer, Deputy Chief

Effective immediately, the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority (AFMA) is implementing Stage II fire restrictions due to Extreme Fire Danger conditions. These restrictions apply to the entire AFMA service area (including Tonopah, Wittmann, Sun Lakes, and Sun City West). The following restrictions will remain in effect until further notice:

Stage II Restrictions:

• Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, open charcoal barbeque, or a wood stove is prohibited. (Devices solely fueled by LPG or natural gas that can be turned on and off are permitted. Such devices must be constantly attended to and used in an area cleared of all flammable materials within three feet of such devices.)

• Smoking is prohibited except in an enclosed vehicle, building, or designated areas at least three feet clear from all flammable materials. (Always make sure smoking materials are fully extinguished and placed in an appropriate container.)

• The use of fireworks, target shooting, exploding targets, and incendiary devices is prohibited.

• Welding or operating a torch with an open flame, using chainsaws between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., operation of an internal combustion engine unless equipped with an approved spark arrestor and in an area clear of all flammable materials is prohibited.

Exceptions to these restrictions require a written permit that specifically authorizes the prohibited actions. Federal, state, county, and local emergency response authorities are exempt from these restrictions while performing their duties.

Do your part to prevent wildfires: Always keep fire safety in mind. Wildfires can start from vehicles, campfires, or debris/open burning on private property. Follow all fire restrictions, use spark arrestors, secure tow chains, and never pull your vehicle off the roadway into dry brush.