Staying Safe at Renaissance

essica Dingman, Marketing Manager

At Renaissance, our goal is to provide incredible service and care—and that means adapting when necessary. Due to recent changes and restrictions, we have made several adjustments to ensure residents have access to everything they need to stay safe while still enjoying our community. When it comes to current events at Renaissance, we think our residents know best, which is why we’ve turned to them to share their experience on feeling safe at home in our community.

According to resident Pat Cavitt, she is “most impressed with the amount of preplanning. You can tell that a team really sat down and thought through all of the possibilities of what needed to be done in order to keep us safe. There’s no doubt it was an incredibly detailed plan.” Before retirement, Pat worked in the senior living industry and said she truly understands the amount of work and effort that goes into making a plan like this happen on a level that other people may not. She knew that this was a tremendous effort.

Pat continued to say how impressed she was by the plan and how well implemented and communicated it was to residents. According to Pat, “From ensuring everyone comes through the front entrance, controlling how many people are in the apartments, and delivering the food to every door, it’s really quite incredible in terms of what they’ve done, not just in protecting us from the virus itself, but also keeping us entertained.” Pat expressed her appreciation for everything that has made this current experience the best it could possibly be for residents.

Another longtime resident, Corinne Heid, says she could not be more pleased with how Renaissance is handling things. Corinne expressed that when she started to realize that this might last much longer than everyone had anticipated, she was starting to worry about being inside so much. However, she quickly realized the team at Renaissance was coming together to ensure everyone was taken care of as best as they could.

“For the situation at hand, I think it has been superb. I feel so safe here, but what I appreciate most of all are the extra treats and various games and activities planned to keep everyone’s spirits up. They even created a challenge to see if we could get enough steps in to walk the full length of the Appalachian Trail. It is such a fun and neat way to get us walking safely and socially distant in the halls,” said Corinne. She intends to get in every step and complete the challenge. She also said that to treat herself for all of the walking, some of her favorite ways to celebrate are with Wine Wednesday and Ice Cream Thursday, delivered right to her door by the Renaissance team.

At Renaissance, we see ourselves as more than just a community. We are here to care for and offer peace of mind for you or your loved ones. Our continued dedication to the safety of our residents is just another way we provide that support. To learn more about our community, including the incredible services offered at Renaissance, visit or call 480-883-2000.