Summer is here for PVLGA golf

Liz DeMichael, Publicity

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) played a variety of fun games in June and posted some great scores. Read on…

6/05. O-N-E-S. The ladies used their results on only the holes starting with O-N-E-S toward their final scores, even though they play a full round. Someone could have a great day, but not necessarily on the holes that counted. This old girl concentrated on the holes that counted but didn’t do so well on the full 18 holes – go figure. The winners were Flight 1: Bonnie Moore (30.5) and at second, Billie Seiberling and Vallerie Verbeck (tied – 31); Flight 2: Ginger Henry (28.5), Sandy Chavez (32.5) and Jerry Jordan (33); Flight 3: Liz DeMichael (32), Liz Campbell (34) and Naomi Bryson (34.5).

6/12. Select-A-Drive. The second tournament of the month was a four-person Select-a-Drive. All players teed off, selected the best drive to hit from and then played their individual balls for the rest of the hole. The team winners were First: Kay Berner, Carole Elliott, Rose Hames and Vallerie Verbeck (84); second: Marion Carr, Sandy Chavez, Mary Horn and Nelda Machutas (89); third: Liz Campbell, Liz DeMichael, Marsha Deuel and Donna Purcell (90).

6/19. T’s and F’s. It sounds like cussing, and some of us were. But really it means that only the holes starting with the letters “T” and “F” counted toward the final score, even though the ladies played a full round. The winners were Flight 1: Cindy Bosch and Sherry Butler (tied – 27) and Carol Ruff (27.5); Flight 2: Ginger Henry (24), Elaine Isaacson and Vallerie Verbeck (tied – 27); Flight 3: Naomi Bryson (26.5), Carole Elliott (27.5) and Kathy Jones (28).

6/26. Low Net. The PVLGA ended the month with a Low Net tournament that allowed the golfers’ handicap to be deducted from their final score. The winners were Flight 1: Julie Curran and Wanda Johnson (tied – 58) and Jan Nelson (59); Flight 2: Marie Hargus and Julie Lutostanski (tied – 61) and Elaine Isaacson (62).