Sun Lakes Chorale Spring 2020 Activities

Yvonne Orlich

We have all heard the old saying, “all work and no play… .” That applies to most everyone, and at this time of the year, it especially applies to our Chorale singers. We enjoyed our holiday break, and in early January, we resumed rehearsals for our upcoming Spring Concert.

But even we deserve some time to socialize and relax, because we work hard every week learning many new songs and new music. Our weekly rehearsals are intense, as we all strive to do our best. It is three hours of all work and very little play.

So, every year prior to the Spring Concert, we treat ourselves to a

“social.” We gather after rehearsal for a nice dinner, and maybe a drink to toast our hard work, and it gives us a chance to breathe easily. It is light-hearted and easy after a few hours of seriousness, hours of constant singing, and hours of learning. We now enjoy a few hours of talking (a no-no during rehearsals), camaraderie, laughter, and repast. We get to visit with the tenor who sits next to us or the soprano at the other end of the row—the other singers we don’t get to see and talk to during rehearsal. And it energizes us to pick up again next week and give our best efforts to provide our families and neighbors with an enjoyable concert. The only seriousness at our social is a serious attempt to relax and enjoy ourselves.

So, the very next week we will be back at it—giving our all to put on another evening of entertainment for Sun Lakes. The concert date is creeping up on us quickly, and we have much to accomplish in a short amount of time.

The Spring Concert is scheduled for Thursday, March 19, and once again, the concert will be at the United Methodist Church on Riggs Road, just east of Sun Lakes Boulevard. Our members will be selling tickets very soon, and you can purchase yours from any Chorale member, from our members who work the Ticket Tuesdays at Ace Hardware on Riggs Road. Those Ticket Tuesday dates, again, are: Feb. 25 and March 3, 10, and 17. As usual, tickets will be available at the door on March 19, but early purchase guarantees you a seat. Or call Carolyn at 480-883-6997 for more ticket information.

We will soon be enjoying our social before heading back to work. We thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the Spring Concert.