Sun Lakes Community Theatre is going full steam ahead

Mary Vandergrift

Sun Lakes Community Theatre’s August Cool Down Social was a success! Everyone enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and meeting some new ones after a long, hot summer. A lot of fun memories were shared along with some really great stories of summer travel by our members. Thanks to everyone for making it a delightful afternoon.

That is just the start of a fun-filled year for our theatre group. Our program committee is moving full steam ahead to bring new ideas and revisiting tried and true programs we all enjoy. New ideas are popping up every day, and we are gearing up for an entertaining season.

We have been working on our holiday party (yes, it’s only a couple months away!), and we have a great entertainer lined up! The theme, Rockin’ the Classics, and will take us back to the time of some memorable songs from the 1950s through the 1970s, presented by award-winning singer and performer T.A. Burrows. Our committee visited his show during the summer, and it is guaranteed to be a very entertaining evening.

We are also very excited to welcome a new school to perform for our theatre family! The new edition is Casteel, Chandler’s newest high school, and will be performing for us in January. We have not seen them perform as yet, and we are very excited that this will be their first year. Thank you to our school liaison Roger Edmonds who is organizing their visit. As always, we are thrilled to have the interaction with our schools. The schools are and always will be one of our most important programs to keep theatre alive and well in our future generations. Thanks, Roger!

There is too much happening to mention all of our programming plans, but we wanted to let you all know we will continue planning behind the scenes for all of you to enjoy the best that SLCT has to offer.

I might mention before I close, this year is our 30th Anniversary of Sun Lakes Community Theatre! Maybe this calls for a celebration in February, the “Love” month. We do love our theatre!

See you at our first meeting on October 11 in the San Tan Ballroom when we will have a special remembrance program. More program details will be announced in the October Asides.