Sun Lakes Community welcomes the Arizona Rangers

Michael Berry, Arizona Rangers

The Arizona Rangers find a home in Sun Lakes. Maintaining the tradition that originated in the 1860s and, most recently, by a legislative act in March of 1901, the Arizona Rangers find a home in the Sun Lakes community. In September of this year, the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company was formally established by the Board of Governors of the Arizona Rangers. The formation of the Sun Lakes Company was a result of the hard work, persistence, and dogged determination of a former group of members of the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse. Most of these members held senior leadership roles, including the former Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse Commander, Vice Commander, Training Officer, and others. Ron Burchett, the former commander, is now the Captain of the Arizona Rangers Sun Lakes Company.

The present-day Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company, as well as the other 20 Arizona Ranger companies throughout the state, are authorized under Arizona Revised Statute 41-4201 that was signed by Governor Jane Hull on April 30, 2002. Captain Burchett says that “Our primary mission is to provide a professional presence of armed and well-trained Law Enforcement Auxiliary personnel to positively promote, preserve, and enhance a safe, secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment for the local residents.” The Arizona Rangers, under the authority and with the approval of each Homeowner’s Association, assist the HOA Patrol Chiefs, enforce community traffic and parking rules, maintain facility security, and conduct traffic control inside the gated communities for special events. Most importantly, the mere presence of Arizona Rangers driving marked vehicles in the Sun Lakes neighborhoods provides a strong visual deterrent which discourages criminal activity. In addition to providing a physical presence in the neighborhood, the Arizona Rangers are available to come to your group or organization to give a presentation on the Arizona Rangers, Internet Security, ID Theft, or Home Security.

As a volunteer law enforcement auxiliary, the Arizona Rangers work cooperatively, at the request of and under the direction, control, and supervision of established law enforcement officials and officers at the city, county, state, and federal levels, as well as private organizations. Arizona Rangers are AZ Police Officer Standard and Training (POST) qualified to carry weapons (pistols, rifles, and shotguns), defensive tools (collapsible batons and OC spray), and wear badges and approved Arizona Ranger uniforms while on duty. Arizona Rangers do not possess any law enforcement or investigative powers that are not provided or established in law for all citizens of this state.

As an all-volunteer organization, the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company rely solely on the generous donations received from the Sun Lakes residents like you to fund a small portion of their operating expenses. Each Ranger donates their time, personal equipment, and private vehicles to support the Sun Lakes community. Donated funds that are not utilized for operating expenses are donated to local youth charities as well as the families of fallen law enforcement officers. If you would like to make a donation to the Arizona Rangers–Sun Lakes Company, visit their website at

Last year, the Arizona Rangers donated over $120,000 to these charitable organizations. The Arizona Rangers are a 501(c)(3) organization, so every dollar donated is tax deductible.

If you see the Arizona Rangers moving about in the community, say hello and thank them for helping to keep us safe and secure.