Sun Lakes – Cottonwood & Palo Verde Country Clubs

Message from the President

Leonard Horst

Hello. I hope you are doing well here in the middle of monsoon season! There has been a noticeable reduction in traffic on our streets and in our facilities since the hot weather hit in July, but we are going forward at full speed with all the projects described in last month’s address.

Safety is always a top concern for our homeowners, and we remind you to be sure to stay hydrated no matter what you are doing. My doctor reminded me again to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day and to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Work has begun on the refresh of Sisk Park, and we are looking forward to having the bocce ball courts redone, the artificial turf installed, and the new home for the Cornhole Club ready for use!

The annual budget process is in full swing as the department managers are developing their plans for 2024. Board members and the management team will be meeting this month and into September as the full plan for next year is prepared. Please plan on attending the annual budget meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 25, in the San Tan Ballroom where the final plan will be presented.

There are still many events occurring in the Food & Beverage and Recreation areas. You are encouraged to participate and enjoy.

Please read our two weekly publications, In The Know and The Flyer, for detailed weekly updates. Enjoy the day.