Sun Lakes Country Club Ladies Pitch and Putt

Our season is in full swing! Attendance has been a bit sparse due to the chilly mornings, but the warmer weather is definitely on the way. Fun events so far have included teeing off wearing an oven mitt, teeing off with a tennis racquet, and teeing off while sitting on a folding chair! There will be more goofy events as well as prizes in the weeks ahead.

Three teams tied for first the week of Jan. 16 and decided to donate the prize money back to the kitty to be used toward the year-end banquet. With a score of 23, winners for Jan. 23 were Jo Solie, Dianne Thompson, Jan Sykes, and Sherri Digel. Jan. 30 produced winners Joann Brown, Rosemary King, Elaine Hested, and new member Debbie Rodgers with a terrific score of 22.

Due to the popularity of this league, we unfortunately cannot accept any new players at this time. If you are an interested returning player, there is no need to contact anyone—simply show up at 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 6!