Sun Lakes Fitness Activities Center Announces New Class

Rina Cupples

The Sun Lakes Fitness Activity Center (SLFAC) is offering a new way to help you maintain or restore your mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing. You may already be consistent in staying active, eating a diet of fresh, wholesome food, and getting deep, restful sleep. All of these are crucial for good health. Perhaps you need something more. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) assists you to return to inner balance, order, and normalcy in a holistic manner.

Reiki treatments, now available at SLFAC, are deeply relaxing, safe, and non-manipulative. The recipient remains fully-clothed, lying on a massage table, as the practitioner allows Reiki Universal Life Energy to flow through them to the recipient. The benefits of Reiki healing-balancing energy include relaxation of mental, emotional, and physical strain, enhanced feelings of inner wellbeing, and supports your body’s natural restorative processes.

Treatments and classes are offered by Rina Cupples, Reiki Master-Teacher and 20-year local Sun Lakes resident. Rina has practiced Reiki laying-on of hands since 1984 and has been a lifelong student of meditation and healing arts. She got her interest in healing from her dad, who also practiced old-fashioned laying-on of hands when she was a child.

Rina will be offering Reiki treatments at the Fitness Center on Monday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m., and from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. Reiki treatments provided by other practitioners trained by Rina are available on other days and times. Call the SLFAC desk at 480-895-1776 for more information and to schedule appointments. Make your appointments 48 hours in advance.

A Reiki Level One training class is scheduled for May 19, 20, 21, and 22 from 9 a.m. to noon on each of those days (12 hours of instruction and practice time). You will learn hands-on Reiki to give to yourself to support your own wellbeing, and you will learn how to give it to someone else: family, friends, and pets. Four ritual attunements assist you in opening to receive healing-balancing energy. Each student is given a student notebook containing all the information shared in class, so you can review.

Call the SLFAC desk at 480-895-1776 to register for class. The Fitness Center is located at 25219 S. EJ Robson Blvd., Building A, in Cottonwood.

The Reiki Circle is available on Zoom, and you’re welcome to attend. The Circle meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. Call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699 or email [email protected] for the link. During the Circle gathering, someone leads a guided meditation, and then students use the tools of second level Reiki to send distance healing. All are welcome to join, whether Reiki-trained or not.

There’s a whole lotta healing going on. We look forward to your participation in Reiki.