Sun Lakes Knights support the 2018 AZ Standdown for Homeless and Needy Veterans


Maynard Iverson

On Friday, January 26, five members of St. Steven’s Catholic Church’s Knights of Columbus traveled to the Arizona State Fairgrounds located in central Phoenix to present a check for $500 in support of the 2018 Arizona StandDown for Homeless and Needy Veterans. The Maricopa event is the largest in Arizona and one of the largest in the nation.

The Knights also assisted in paying rent on the facility by working as volunteers at the Grandstand during the Arizona State Fair in October, 2017. St. Steven’s Knights earned over $600 through their work at the Fair.

Patriotism is a major tenet of the Knights of Columbus. The organization is involved in numerous patriotic activities throughout the year. There are over 150 members of the organization at St. Steven’s Parish in Sun Lakes.