Sun Lakes Ladies Golf Association news and scores

I’m melting… I’m melting… Most of the ladies who play golf in the summer months know exactly how the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz felt. I know this story very well because I’m from Kansas, but we soldier on and have lots of fun also. I promise you there are no flying monkeys or tornados, but there just might be an occasional belly laugh, birdie or even hole-in-one. Come join us.

June Results:

Fewest Putts – Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick, 2nd (tie) Karen Kolis and Terri Mandt, 4th (tie) Judy Wegener and Cheryl Reed; Flight 2: 1st Jan Fletcher, 2nd Diane Grosse, 3rd (tie) Carolyn Luna and Iris Cannaday, 5th (tie) Judi Kilgus and Catherine Lajune; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Sarah Green and Linda Ryland, 3rd Cathy Lamothe, 4th Betty Peer

T & F Holes – Flight 1: 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd Marci Koppelmaa, 3rd (tie) Shirley Brenner and Julie Hamlin; Flight 2: 1st Dori Winchester, 2nd (tie) Jan Fletcher, Iris Cannaday and Joyce Switzky; Flight 3: 1st Kiwi Munoz, 2nd Betty Peer, 3rd (tie) Cathy Dunn and Barb Rogers

Best 9 of 18 – Flight 1: 1st Marci Koppelmaa, 2nd Kelly Dennis, 3rd (tie) Jan Fletcher and Cheryl Reed; Flight 2: 1st Carolyn Luna, 2nd (tie) Betty Reagan, Judy Mical and Marylou Claypool; Flight 3: 1st Cathy Dunn, 2nd (tie) Patricia Colombe and Barb Rogers, 4th Kiwi Munoz

Water Holes – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Debra Emerick, Moe Schoenwalder and Betty Ulrich, 3rd (tie) Jan Fletcher, Julie Hamlin and Marci Koppelmaa; Flight 2: 1st Catherine Lajune, 2nd (tie) Kiwi Munoz and Betty Peer, 3rd (tie) Uni Foster, Judi Kilgus and Dori Winchester

On June 13, the Summer League Tourney was held at Palo Verde. With a fun scramble and great lunch, all (hopefully) had a good time playing different ladies and making new friends. Summer League play was at Ironwood on July 18.

Results: 1st Kelly Dennis, Jan Nelson, Sandy Chavez and Nancy Annen; 2nd BJ Schuller, Dori Winchester, Diane Grosse and Pat Schultz; 3rd Moe Schoenwalder, Joann Rebillard, Jan Stuckey and Shirley Trusal; 4th Judy Cody, Julie Curran, Marsha Deuel and Sarah Green