Sun Lakes Ladies Golf Association


Cheryl Reed

It’s HOT out here! The ladies of Sun Lakes are trying their best to stay cool, calm and fun-loving this summer. May was full of many events that were both challenging and (for some) fun… There are many events coming up this summer, so definitely check the calendar and make sure you do not miss a thing. Summer play with Palo Verde, Ironwood and Sun Lakes is fun and at a low cost to play at another course.

Low Net – Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick, 2nd Judy Wegener, 3rd Donna Smid, 4th (tie) Debbi Ebel and Lynda Smith; Flight 2: 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd (tie) Barb Hanson and Betty Reagan, 4th (tie) Iris Cannaday and Jan Fletcher; Flight 3: 1st Judy Kilgus, 2nd Audrey Rich, 3rd (tie) Pinky Kubiak and Jan Conley; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Sue Kavanaugh and Ruth Anderson, 3rd Uni Foster, 4th Barb Rogers

3 Clubs and a Putter – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Kelly Dennis and Lynda Smith, 3rd Judy Wegener, 4th (tie) Karen Kolis and Debra Emerick; Flight 2: 1st Shirley Brenner, 2nd (tie) Jan Fletcher and Carolyn Luna, 4th Julie Hamner; Flight 3: 1st Catherine Lajune, 2nd (tie) Judy Kilgus and Pinky Kubiak, 4th Goldie Herberg; Flight 4: 1st Donna Jones, 2nd Linda Ryland, 3rd Betty Peer, 4th Marlys McFarland

2 Week Match Play – Flight 1: Dennis/Emerick, Lajune/Kilgus, Claypool/Smid, Ulrich/Schoenwalder; Flight 2: McFarland/Kavanaugh, Rogers/Benson, Rich/Foster, Jones Herberg

Dice Game – Foursome Winners: 1st Schoenwalder, Fletcher, Herberg, 2nd (tie) Smith, Switsky, McFarland and Koppelmaa, Hamlin, Rogers; 4th (tie) Winchester, Conley, Lamonthe and Wegener, Kubiak, Foster and Emerick, Luna, Green