CLGA play day results

Mary Nelson

May 17 results of the CLGA Even Holes event are Flight 1: 1st Mikki Rydell, 2nd Judy Onken, 3rd (tie) Sandy Johnson and Sandy Worden; Flight 2: 1st Ellie Franklin, 2nd Joan Seckels, 3rd Janet Quade

May 24 results of the Pro’s Choice event are Flight 1: 1st Sandy Worden, 2nd Billie Seiberling, 3rd (tie) Mary Nelson and Nancy Howell; Flight 2 1st Gloria Combs, 2nd Lucsa Buzbee, 3rd Pat McRoberts

May 31 results of the Least Putts event are 1st (tied with 32 total putts) Nadine Sanders, Mary Nelson, Gloria Combs, Virginia Diers and Lori Whitney.

Congratulations to all the winners.