Who will be the 201st member of Rock, Gem and Silver Club?

Doug Williams

Yup, we just reached our 200th member (hooray for us), so now YOU might be number 201?

Of course, it’s just us “Year Rounders” who are still here and keeping cool in Sun Lakes this summer! But we want to remind all of our readers to get ready for this coming fall’s launch of the 2018/2019 season. We’ll be having our first meeting of the 2018/2019 season on the third Monday of October in the Navajo Room at the Sun Lakes Country Club at 10:00 a.m. Mark it down: October 15 is the date. And we’ll be meeting each month, October through April.

All of our class instructors will set up their tables to describe their classes and to show off student projects. Imagine all the art works YOU can create once you become a member. PS: it only costs $25 to join our club for one whole year.

As one of the very largest and we think the best club in Sun Lakes, you’ll be surprised to see the long list of classes and activities you can have in the Rock, Gem & Silver Club. Below are just a few examples.

Field Trips: You’ll get to go along on an Arizona Rock Hunt to find your own semi-precious gem stones.

Rock Study: You’ll get to learn about rocks from a certified geologist to explain their world of study.

Lapidary: You’ll be cutting your own rocks making them into cabochons from which to make jewelry.

Fetish Bears: You’ll shape, cut and polish a gorgeous thick rock slab into the classic Fetish Bear design.

Silver: You’ll be forming sterling silver into rings, pendants and bracelets just like Native Americans.

Lost Wax: You will make a mold from which you’ll make your own rings, bracelets, pendants and belt buckles.

Faceting: You’ll be cutting, shaping and then faceting the shiny surfaces of a semi-precious gem stone.

Stained Glass: You will design, cut and shape your glass into a gorgeous wall hanging to catch the sun.

Gourds: You may not be out of your gourd, but we’re certain you’ll want to get into exciting gourd art.

And as I mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the basic courses YOU can enroll in and enjoy as a member of the Rock, Gem & Silver Club. The best part is that YOU get to meet a ton of new friends where you’ll delight in the camaraderie with those members who have similar likes to yours! And then, after you have taken one class, you will see students who took other classes, and then you’ll want to take another class – and on it goes.

So, whether you join our club for the fun of making new friends or the need to satisfy your creative instincts, we are just happy to have newcomers! And YOU just might be our number 201… but who’s counting?