Sun Lakes Ladies Pitch and Putt


Arlene Fletcher

The sun was shining on Thursday, January 18, and there were lots of smiles and giggles as the Sun Lakes Ladies Pitch and Putt met and enjoyed a scramble golf game.

Winners werethe following: 1st place with a 22, Sheryl Mariotti, Rose Gallagher, Sharon Cook and Mary Eberle.

Three teams tied for second place with a score of 24: 1) Lori Donapoli, Janice Cosgrove, Unni Foster and Linda Welchlin; 2) Jo Solie, Sue Toppe, Pat Dinkel and Elayne Hested; 3) Phyllis Schager, Nancy Garlish, Jolene Vermeire and Mary Harper.

Five players hit the tree: Mary Harper, Phyllis Schager, Pat Dinkel, Sue Toppe and Kathy Lyons

The weather was beautiful for our January 25 game. First place with a score of 22 was Mary Eberle, Sheryl Mariotta, Jo Solie and Linda Welchlin.

Two teams with scores of 23 tied for second place: 1) Pat Heidmann, Sue Miller, Sharon Swinson, Mary Harper and Sherry Digel; 2) LouAnn Olsen, Joann Brown, Carolyn Fore and Rosemary King.

On February 1, we wore the colors of our favorite football teams. Lots of cheering and jeering could be heard on the golf course. There was a three-way tie for first place with scores of 25: 1) Jo Solie, Judie Ringdahl, Mary Eberle and Leslie Hegemeister; 2) Sue Miller, Lynn Turnquist, Elayne Hested and Arlene Fletcher; 3) Sherry Digel, Phyllis Schager, Linda Welchlin and Mary Harper.

MaryAnn Kehberg hit the tree.

We all wore red on February 8 in honor of Valentine’s Day.

First place with a score of 22 was Sheryl Mariotti, Kathy Lyon, Elayne Hested and Mary Harper.

There were three ties for second place with a score of 24: 1) Leslie Hegemeister, Linda Welchlin, Lorie Donapoli, Joann Brown and Arlene Fletcher; 2) Pat Heidmann, Jolene Vermeire, Rose Gallagher and Sharon Swinson; 3) Jan Parker, Mary Cogrove, Madonna Aubrey and Carolyn Fore.

Our end of the year breakfast will be on March 22, 2018. Payment (cash only) needs to be made to Rose Gallagher by March 15. Golf will begin at 9:00 a.m. on that day, so plan to arrive at 8:30 a.m.

Remember, if it’s raining, we don’t play.