Sun Lakes Lady Niners

Sheila Barton

It is certainly a great time for golf for the Sun Lakes Lady Niners. Cool in the morning, for which we can dress, and warm in the afternoons. In difficult times, sometimes being with your friends and golfing is all the therapy you need.

As we wrap up 2020, which has been a very different kind of year, we want to congratulate several people as we announce the Presidents Cup and the Club Championship winners. These two awards are based on the five best scores for each golfer for league play from January through December, and averaged to determine the best net score (Presidents Cup) and best gross score (Club Championship.) The winners for Presidents Cup are Liz Tollefsen in first place, Sheila Barton in second place, and Jan Sykes in third place. The winners for Club Championship are Irene Anderson in Flight 1, Rose Gallagher in Flight 2, and Beverly Jur in Flight 3. Congratulations to the winners!

We would like to welcome our newest member, Lillian Look. Lillian has played with the 18-holers and has now decided to join the Niners, and we look forward to playing with her. We would also like to extend a special thanks to Celeste Dorsey (past president) who has volunteered to step up and fill the treasurer position.

The game for Dec. 1 was Low Putts. The winner in Flight 1 was Susan Geis, and Arlene Fletcher in Flight 2. The game for Dec. 8 was Low Net – Water Holes, and the winner was Lavonne Mensink in Flight 1, and Beverly Jur in Flight 2. The game for Dec. 15 was Cha-Cha-Cha, and the winning threesome was Susan Geis, Jackie Aagaard, and Ardyce Gibson. The game on Dec. 22 was Low Net, and the winner in Flight 1 was Mary Martz, and the winner in Flight 2 was Beverly Jur. The game on Dec. 29 was Low Net (both balls), and the winning team was Jackie Aagaard and Jan Sykes.

All of our activities have pretty much been canceled for the duration, but we are looking forward to our annual garage sale in the spring. December was a great month for the Sun Lakes Lady Niners, who are always looking for new members. Please contact President Irene Anderson at 612-669-2666 if you would like to join or talk about joining. The new membership form is also available in the Sun Lakes Pro Shop. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners create a very supportive and welcoming environment. Please consider coming out and hitting a ball and having a ball with them.

If the ball goes right, it is a slice; if it goes left, it’s a hook; if it goes straight, it’s a miracle.