Sun Lakes Lady Niners

Sheila Barton

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners will begin their league play in November. By then, it should be cool in the mornings, for which we can dress, and then warm in the afternoons. During our recent challenging times, there is nothing to compare to seeing and playing a game with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Many of our members have not yet returned to Arizona but, hopefully, will return by November.

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners are always looking for new members. Please contact President Irene Anderson at 612-669-2666, if you would like to join or to talk about joining. The new membership form is available in the Sun Lakes Pro Shop. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners provide a very supportive and welcoming environment. Please consider coming out and hitting a ball and having a ball with them.

Golf can be explained as an endless series of tragedies obscured by an occasional miracle. See you on the course.