Sun Lakes Lady Niners news

Verla Matuschka

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners’ two golf tournaments were held in March and resulted in the following winners:

Presidents Cup: 1st Rose Gallagher, 2nd Liz Tollefsen, 3rd Sonja White

Club Championship: Overall Irene Anderson, Flight 1 no eligible winners, Flight 2 Jan Cobb, Flight 3 Faye Belt, Flight 4 Donna Sullivan

New members are encouraged to join the Lady Niners. The league welcomes players of all abilities and are suggesting playing a game or two with the group while considering being a member. You will find the group of ladies congenial and accepting.

During the month of May, on Tuesday league day, the Niners will play at 9:00 a.m., except for May 8 when play is at noon. The May general meeting scheduled for May 8 has been cancelled. Remember, check-in time is always 30 minutes before tee off. On May 29, the last day of the season’s league play before summer break, members are requested to bring snacks to share after golf.

March winning net scores:

3/06. Laurel Cathey 30, Faye Belt 31, Liz Tollefsen 31, Jan Cobb 32, Verla Matuschka 33

3/13. Jan Cobb 24, Rose Gallagher 26, Irene Anderson 30, Verla Matuschka 30, Lynn Turnquist 32

3/13. Jan Cobb 24, Rose Gallagher 26, Liz Tollefsen 27, Susan Joslyn 28, Faye Belt 29, Irene Anderson 30, Verla Matuschka 30, Lynn Turnquist 32

3/20. Irene Anderson 27, Rosie Raisanen 27, Faye Belt 29, Donna Sullivan 29, Carole Kinderman 30, Laurel Cathey 32, Myrna Graves 32, Ruth Greg 32, Sonja White 32, Dottie Wodraska 32

3/27. Celeste Dorsey 23, Sonja White 25, Irene Anderson 27, Donna Sullivan 28, Arlene Fletcher 29, Verla Matuschka 29, Rose Gallagher 29, Myrna Graves 31, Joann Brown 31, Rosie Raisanen 31