Sun Lakes Lady Putters

These ladies were the $50 winners in the raffle drawings held at the December Holiday lunch. Standing (left to right) are Peg Clapp, Terry Dobbs, and Lucy Geller.

These ladies were the $50 winners in the raffle drawings held at the December Holiday lunch. Standing (left to right) are Peg Clapp, Terry Dobbs, and Lucy Geller.

Susan Gottschalk

Plans are being made for the spring luncheon to be held on April 4 in the San Tan Ballroom at Cottonwood. Lunch choice is Chinese chicken salad or fish sandwich with fresh fruit. Reservations should be made with your flight leader. As usual, our raffle drawings will highlight the afternoon.

Monday Flight:

1/13. Tie: Shauna Bragg, Diana Laubenstein, Nikki Staggs and Colleen Foley, Bea Hadsell, Pat Martin

1/20. Shauna Bragg, Colleen Foley, Sharon Gouthro, June Wagner

1/27. Sherill Brouhard, Phyllis Schager, June Wagner

2/03. Sharon Darnell, Colleen Foley, Bea Hadsell, Pat Martin


1st Shirley Hutchings; 2nd Diana Laubenstein, Colleen Foley, Sharon Gouthro, Susan Gottschalk, Phyllis Schager, Joanne Baker; 3rd Sherill Brouhard; 4th Shauna Bragg, Camille Jasien, Nikki Staggs, Colleen Foley, Bea Hadsell, Pat Martin

Tuesday Flight:

1/14. Cheryl Freeman, Sue Ferrell, Alice Willittes

1/21. Rain

1/28. Pat Hanson, Doris Skaret, Rose Mills, Monica Lovrien

2/04. Lucille Rahilly, Susan Anderson, Laurie Burke


1st Liz Allen, Judy Schimpf, Cheryl Freeman; 2nd Lois Hauge, Anna Gay Pahlow, Lucille Rahilly, Hilde Powell; 3rd Dianne Burns, Susan Anderson, Jean Doerr; 4th Monica Lovrien, Jean Doerr, Susan Anderson; 5th Kathi Mindnich, Elsie Krueger, Susan Anderson

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

1/14. Linda Breitbach, Marge Duggan, Betti Farr, Linda Kenney

1/21. Barb Doyle, Betti Farr, Colleen Ferris, Shirley Werab

1/28. Tie: Pat Burnham, Peg Dahlke, Barb Doyle, Norma Marsh and

Barb Bassett, Linda Breitbach, Linda Kenney, Carol Leavitt

2/04. No Play


1st Jan Wilkinson, Sheila Holland, Bev Connors; 3rd Susan Lovino, Barb Doyle, Barb Bassett, Raedene Stovall, Leona Skeate, Marjean Scheele; 4th Vicki Mendenhall, Mary Ellen Hayden, Betti Farr, Debbie Moe, Joan Harlan, Susan Powell, Nancy Heberling, Linda Kenney, Jeanne Huch, Carol Crane; 5th Sally Wegryn, Robin Robertson, Sharon Donovan-Rief, Pat Burnham; 6th Sue Bishop, Inez Kirscht; 7th Linda Breitbach; 8th Cheryl Schaab, Marilyn Kasper, Sue Bishop, Shirley Werab; 9th Ann Newton, Shari Hurst, Norma Marsh; 10th Carol Leavitt, Ann Newton; 11th Shanyn Engler; 13th Carol Knack, Madeline Mazzie, 15th Marge Duggan

Wednesday Flight:

1/15. Rita Lobello, Nancy Colonna, Donna Wolmutt. (Shot 14 on first nine and 24 on second.)

1/22. First low score Mary Kunzelman, Bev Perrott. First high score Rita Lobello, Kathy Cornall

1/29. Tie: Jeanne Rouse and Pat Weitzel; Jeannette Boychuk and Carol Stagger; Donna Wolmutt and Mary Kunzelman

2/05. No Play


1st Donna Wolmutt, Bobbie Wall, Jeanne Rouse, Carol Stagger, Sylvia Lee; 2nd Bev Perrott, Nancy Chadderdon; 3rd Jeannette Boychuk; 4th Nancy Colonna, Rita Lobello; 5th Judy Hester

Thursday Flight:

1/16. Terry Dobbs, Elaine Dougher, Nina Scinto

1/23. Tie: Linda Barber, Julie Little, Sherry Hergert, Ruth Willoughby and Terry Dobbs, Sharon O’Sullivan, Lu Walk, Betsy Wedeward

1/30. Tie: Kathleen Downing, Mitzi Iverson, Sharon O’Sullivan, Betsy Wedeward and Sharon Downey, Sarah Gilsdorf, Judy Mugrage, Lu Walk

2/06. Judy Burrack, Sherry Hergert, Sharon O’Sullivan


1st Julie Little, Judy Burrack, Dolores Mahaffey; 2nd Terry Dobbs, Lucy Geller, Mitzi Iverson; 3rd Kathleen Downing, Edite Evans, Lorraine Berg; 4th Peggy Clapp, Sharon Downey, Sherry Hergert; 5th Lu Walk, Betsy Wedeward, Judy Mugrage; 8th Bev Lundeen