Sun Lakes Lady Putters

The Tuesday Lady Putters welcomed new flight leaders Toni Reider (left) and Connie Hogan (right) at the beginning of the season. The extra hours required to organize and facilitate the Tuesday group are certainly appreciated. (Photo by Susan Gottschalk)

Susan Gottschalk

Mark your calendar! The spring luncheon is April 7 in the Saguaro Room at the Cottonwood clubhouse. Doors open at 11 a.m. Lunch choices are a prime rib sandwich or a Maui chicken salad. Reservations are available with your flight leader. Table games and raffle drawings always make for a fun afternoon.

Monday Flight:

Feb. 12: Sharon Darnell, Peggy Verburgt

Feb. 19: Shauna Bragg, Kathy Adams, Mary Jo Wheeler

Feb. 26: Shauna Bragg, Sharon Gouthro, Sandy Johnson, Sue Schumacher

March 4: (tie) Shauna Bragg, Kathy Adams, Lori Becker, Kathy David/Phyllis Schrager, Sandy Johnson, Camille Jasien, Mary Jo Wheeler


1st Jeanette Stites, Sue Schumacher, Kathy David; 2nd Peggy Verburgt, Sharon Gouthro, Sandy Johnson, Camille Jasien, Olive Hadsel; 3rd Phyllis Schager; 4th Sharon Darnell, Judy Brotherson; 7th Shauna Bragg

Tuesday Flight:

Feb. 13: Gail Colberg, Kathleen Downing, Cookie Olinger

Feb. 20: (tie) Lu Walk, Connie Hogan, Toni Reider, Dianne Burns/Meryl Lee Seewald, Gail Colberg, Judy Mugrage

Feb. 27: Kathleen Downing, Julie Little, Marilyn Brenner

March 5: Judy Mugrage, Julie Little, JoAnne Agopian, Dianne Burns


1st Gail Colberg, Meryl Lee Seewald, Julie Little; 2nd Kathleen Downing, Kathy Mindnich, Nancy McCreadie; Connie Hogan; 3rd Cookie Olinger; 4th Dianne Burns, Cheryl Freeman

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

Feb. 13: Carol Crane, Linda Hittenmiller, Kathy Makel, Lynn Perri

Feb. 20: Marge Duggan, Linda Hittenmiller, Dianna Milkint, Shirley Werab

Feb. 27: Karen Fiore, Marilyn Kasper, Diane Morice, Darlene Reach

March 5: (tie) Suzanne Coffman, Marge Duggan, Carol Leavitt, Rita Reiman/Suzanne Coffman, Marge Duggan, Carol Leavitt, Rita Reiman


1st Cheryl Knudsen, Vicki Carmichael, Marilyn Shepler, Donna Gailbraith, Jackie Tanghe; 2nd Peggy Fawcett, Darlene Ford, Jeannie Greenbush, Vicki Carmichael; 3rd Carol Crane, Judy Dawson; 4th Diane Freeberg, Suzanne Coffman; 5th Karen Fiore; 6th Vicki Mendenhall; 7th Sam Palmatier, Ann Newton; 8th Madeline Mazzei; 9th Mary Beth Smith, Rita Reiman; 10th Carol Leavitt; 11th Shirley Werab, Linda Kenney, Barb Frank, Diane Morice, Karen Tvedten; 12th Chris Kibler, April Garrard; 13th Darlene Reach; 14th Dianna Milkint, Marilyn Kasper; 20th Linda Hittenmiller, Shanyn Engler; 22nd Marge Dugan

Wednesday Flight:

Feb. 14: (tie) Carole Stone, Gloria Brockman, Lizz Bradley/Judy Hester, Carol Wenger

Feb. 21: Game: Roll and Putt: Jan Stuckey, Lizz Bradley, Gloria Brockman

Feb. 28: Mary Kunzelman, Carol Wenger

March 6: (tie) Rita Lobello, Lizz Bradley, Susan Plambeck/Carole Stone, Carol Wenger


1st Alice Torruella, Carole Stone, Susan Plambeck; 2nd Gloria Brockman; 3rd Lizz Bradley, Carol Wenger; 4th Jan Stuckey