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Sun Lakes Lady Putters results

Enjoying the Lady Putters Christmas luncheon from the Tuesday Flight group are standing (left to right) Suzanne Ferrell, Monica Lovrien, Dianne Burns, Mary Bish, Jean Doerr and Nancy Grube. Seated (left to right) are Kathy Mindnich, Ilse Moore, Roseann Soczka and Lorie DeNapoli.

Susan Gottschalk Monday Flight 12/12. Marilyn Kalanius, Vickie Smith. 12/19. Bea Hadsell, Susan Powell, Vickie Smith, Terry Sporleder. 12/26. No Play. 1/02. Vickie Smith. 1/09. Irene Brown, Sue Core, Sharon Darnell, Susan Powell. Holes-In-One: 2nd Bea Hadsell, Irene Brown; 3rd Sue Core, June Wagner; 4th Susan Powell, Phyllis Nielsen; 6th Linda Dickerson, Vickie Smith; 7th…

Sun Lakes Lady Putters

Lady Putters’ Board members, pictured seated left to right are Dianne Burns, Camille Jasien and Jo Bryant; standing left to right are Marge Pippit, Pat Martin, Annie Hall, Colleen Foley, Carol Wenger and Kathi Bobek. Meeting at the home of President Jo, they were planning the December 2 Christmas lunch as well as making plans for the new season.

Susan Gottschalk The Sun Lakes Lady Putters have started the 2016-17 season, our 20th year. The Christmas luncheon is scheduled for December 2 at the San Tan Ballroom in Cottonwood. Lunch choices are traditional Cobb Salad or Straws ‘N Steak Salad. Raffle drawings will be held as our organization’s fundraiser for a few local charities.…

Sun Lakes Lady Putters

Lady Putters waiting for their game to begin are (left to right) Elaine Greer, Sharon Gouthro, Mary Lou Murdock and Pat Kruse

Susan Gottschalk The spring luncheon will be Friday, April 1 in the San Tan Ballroom at Cottonwood. Monday Flight 2/08. Best Ball: (Tie) Colleen Foley, Linda Meylink and Susan Powell 2/15. Best Ball: Carol Lorenz 2/22. (Tie) Linda Dickerson, Norma Marsh, Mary Lou Murdock and Kathi Bobek, Colleen Foley, Helen Richardson 2/29. (Tie) Sue Core,…