Sun Lakes Rangers to the Rescue

Ranger Roger Hyles and Ranger Andries Rijnders

Michael Berry

It was a routine evening in November for the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company on routine patrol in the Sun Lakes and SunBird communities, when Rangers Roger Hyles, Andries Rijnders, and Probationary Ranger Hannon noticed a dark minivan that looked out of place north of Riggs Road at the Dobson intersection. When the Rangers approached the minivan, they observed an elderly couple who appeared disoriented. Both were lethargic and kept turning the minivan alarm off and on. After a quick assessment, 911 was called for both fire and MCSO, who quickly arrived on-scene. Both had been missing for over 30 hours. They were eventually released to their family but advised to seek medical attention. Thank you, Sun Lakes Rangers, for helping keep our communities safe. If you would like more information about the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company, contact them at [email protected].