Sun Lakes Tennis Club monthly dinner and meeting

Jerry Vance

If you were not there on Wednesday evening, January 9, you missed a great dinner with the tennis club friends. The Sun Lakes Tennis Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. to enjoy food and friendship and have a meeting. We play every week at the Sun Lakes courts with the men playing on Mondays, women on Wednesdays and mixed on Thursdays. Times change as the temperature changes. Any member of the Sun Lakes community is welcome to join for $30 a year. You get a book with everyone’s phone number and a list of all of our events.

Coming up are tournaments with SunBird on February 10, Cottonwood on February 24, Springfield on March 24 and IronOaks on March 31. We will also be playing intra club tournaments on March 3, March 17 and April 7. Officers this year are Paul Patterson, Treasurer; Ed Campion, President; Dan Thorsen, Vice President; Faye Haynes, Secretary; Rick Kendall, Intra tournaments; Tony Horn,  Inter tournaments.