Sun Lakes United Methodist Women’s 16th Annual Cookie Walk set for Dec. 7

Linda K. Gercken

With the holidays just around the corner, our ladies have been baking thousands of cookies and making candy in preparation for the 16th annual Cookie Walk! It grows larger and more popular each year, so make sure to come early to experience the best selection.

Table after table is filled with trays of homemade cookies: decorated Christmas cookies, bars and brownies, and the traditional peanut butter with kisses and chocolate chip cookies. You pay $10 at the door for a box and plastic glove, then let the fun begin! Walk around filling your box to the brim with your choice of cookies, but you must be able to close the lid. Next, stop at the Candy Corner for bags of homemade candy sold by the pound, and other specialty items. It is a great opportunity to get ahead of the holidays with cookies and candy on hand for family and friends.

Doors open promptly at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7, at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church, 9248 E. Riggs Road (west of Robson Library). Our regular customers know to come early and enjoy free coffee and sample broken cookies while waiting in line for the doors to open.