Sun Lakes Women’s Association Still Going Strong

Sun Lakes Women’s Club board members

No, we have not thrown in the towel or pulled up our tables and chairs, nor have we forgotten what this Association means. In the past couple of years, there were many obstacles which prevented our surroundings, our living arrangements, our fellowships, our sadness from moving in certain directions—directions we became used to. There were and still are some exceptions of folks who, during this pandemic, kept their minds, thoughts, and ideas on the table during this crucial devastation. Remained distant from one another, and even though saddened by the world’s position, continued and carried on. These ladies are members of the Sun Lakes Women’s Association. An Association that, for the last several decades, has made an impact on the communities that surround all of us: donations to those who require assistance, staging yearly sales, working to keep this club above ground, and keep it surrounded and appreciated by Sun Lakes Country Club. Ladies, I know you are out there among our communities who would love to keep this meaningful group around for future times. Gentlemen, even though it had been called Women’s Association, many men helped with moving furniture, boxes, and loaded a pick-up to deliver an item to someone who required help.

As I mentioned in the title of this article, the Sun Lakes Women’s Association is still going strong with a devoted group, and not a memory. We may have slowed down, but a little idling along the way makes for a huge outcome, surrounded by giving folks. Think about being a part of us. The Sun Lakes Women’s Association needs you.

The new board members are as follows: Vicki Brush, president; Marge Shipe, vice president; Sandy Bealmear, treasurer; Connie Hogan and Gloria Fronk, secretary.

If you are interested in joining our Association, becoming a member, and serving the communities, your help and your spirits will bring this group to be the best ever.

For more information, contact Jacquie Ruffino at 602-400-6522 or [email protected].