Sun Lakes Writers’ Group



Gail Thatcher

Dreams shouldn’t take a backseat or life itself may do likewise. A dream should be followed, not ignored. It can be a path to reaching your full potential or it can leave you in your bed of mediocrity if disregarded. Following a dream can improve your life and give you opportunities you never thought possible. A dream, if acted upon, can change you and possibly help to change people and better yet, the world.

We all have dreams, but some move through life with blinders on, they miss the vision. They don’t take time to smell the roses, let alone see what their future could be. They barely plug along, making every effort to keep one foot ahead of the other, while their neighbor plans and strategizes to accomplish his dream. He goes on to live a life doing what he enjoys, while his neighbors plug along in their mundane existence, wondering why he lives such a great life and they are struggling and unfulfilled.

Martin Luther King had a dream and because it was followed through, it changed a nation and the lives of countless people in it. It created hope and began a pathway to a future with the possibility of accomplishment and pride. A future that no one thought was possible, but definitely is.

I suppose if one had a dream, a goal, but did not actually see it to fruition, just following the path could have some of the same effects as if one had accomplished the end effect.

Imagine if some didn’t follow their dreams. Would they then have no hope, no chance for happiness? I suppose many people just follow the path that they find in front of them. With all of the decisions they face every day, they barely have time to imagine what it is they should be doing differently, let alone how to actually do it. Thankfully not everyone finds themselves in that situation.

I would hate to see what this world would be like if no one took the time to dream and worse yet, what the world would be like if scientists and inventors didn’t follow their dreams. Would we still be living in caves? How many people, if any, would be living in Arizona without air conditioning? How would I ever exist without my French Vanilla Café?

Peace of Mind

Ellie Clark

From early childhood I understood the importance of firemen. As a little girl living in San Francisco during the Great Depression I had the opportunity to experience first-hand their bravery and kindness. There was a fire department around the corner from our house and we would have many occasions to pass it as we played on Herman Street. Now and then the firemen would toss the ball with the boys when they weren’t busy washing engines and cleaning the firehouse. There was often a piece of candy for each of us.

Of course we heard the sirens as they answered calls for help. I recall waking to the sound of sirens and those friends passing by on their way to possible danger. My mom explained that they were trained to deal with dangerous situations and we shouldn’t worry. This assurance gave me peace of mind and I was able to go back to sleep.

Our school often had firemen and policemen to address our assembly (this was when we were all in the auditorium). We came to respect our police and firemen. Hopefully schools are still doing that.

Now, this story is entitled “Peace of Mind” and I haven’t explained that yet – or have I? Their very presence provides peace of mind, but never more than in the middle of the night after you’ve dialed 911. Recently I had occasion to do that. They arrived with their cases of medical testing devices and went to work on my husband. When they finished they were able to advise us there was nothing life threatening, but we should see our doctor. They advised that if we were concerned we should feel free to go to the ER.

Once we heard it was not life threatening and the dizziness had subsided we decided to wait to see his doctor. A feeling of relief overcame me.

As I watched these firemen leave, carrying their equipment, I was reminded of the kindness of those S.F. firemen who took the time to provide something very special to the little kids playing in the streets of San Francisco. These firefighters brought that special gift I remembered from my childhood. They brought “Peace of Mind.”


Ruby Regina Witcraft

At this age, you really do wake up in a new world every day. Most mornings I feel like a new woman but just wait until tomorrow. This is when it feels like an elephant ran over me. You just walk it off if you can. If not, a shot of Jack Daniels in your coffee will get you through the day. Besides, it also improves the rest of the morning.

The other day while listening to a lady about 10 feet in front of me telling a joke, was a good example. Two other ladies were sitting on either side of me and were laughing at everything she said. She surely must have been funny as all I heard was mumbling. Funny thing was that my two neighbors had the same hearing aids as me, I said to myself, “Self, I have gone completely deaf or these aids might need a little rehab.” Self said, “Dummy, it’s been over two years since their last cleaning which should have been done about every three months. How fun time flies when you are not paying attention.

Went in to see Scot at Cosco and got, not only a reaming out but a complete hearing test. Also, a gentle reprimand for waiting so long. Seems my hearing has changed quite a bit but mostly that strange things were living in my aids. Could even hear myself breathe. Not that I didn’t already know that I was still alive but every little bit of help helps.

Decided to do some shopping as I left the booth and immediately heard a whole new world out there. My cart wheels were squeaking when they had not before. I was dragging my left foot which sounded like I was lame and some lady, nearby, was scolding her husband. This hearing may be a fun thing. In fact, I noticed a whole new world of sound opening up to me. After a while it became a little annoying but I guess you just have to get used to it. My neighbors will be glad that I have my TV sound down below a sonic boom. The house used to vibrate but now the sound is so low that a dog couldn’t hear it. There again, who knew!

Met a couple who probably thought I was strange but my brain was a little rattled at all of the noise around me. A little girl, about 50 feet from me, was crying so loudly that I really wanted to smack her.

Hope I get used to hearing again before I do bodily harm to someone.