Sun Lakes Writers’ Group

Do I Dare?

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

Do I dare write? Do I dare write about me, my family, my friends, my husband and my careers? Do I dare write a non-fiction, fiction, autobiography, biography or comedic episodes? All these questions popped into my brain deciding which side of my brain I listen to. I looked for a Writer’s group. A group who do not criticize, nor critique. A story written and believed to be from the heart. There are many classes and groups mentioned above which exist and would welcome if interested. Do I even dare? No. The decision I made was no doubt the best. On my first day, I walked through the door of a room filled with the most talented, friendly, energetic and gracious folks. I found a chair and sat myself down and began listening to the writers read a story or poem, their choice for the day. Were they reading segments of their lives, their families, their friendships? Were the stories filled with compassion, love, sadness, happiness and mystery? Some stories and poems written by the group are very funny, which brings lots of smiles and laughter. A few readers have us sitting on the edge of our chairs with their stories of fiction and mystery, and holds intrigue to the end. As I looked around the room, even to this very day, the listeners have their eyes focused on the reader and listening to every word flowing from their hearts. I asked myself quietly in my mind; do I dare expose my inner thoughts and share my family secrets, and my feelings to a group of strangers? Do I know these men and women whom I just met, to trust whatever I say, to invite me, and accept me, into their two hours of a simple and meaningful group?

Do I dare try to gain acceptance into their world? Do I dare try to write and read my interests, my accomplishments, my ups and downs in life, my comedy episodes, my ambitions, and my true and real life stories?

Being together during this time, I have new friends. I leave all my troubles, worries, thoughts and uncomfortable feelings outside before I enter a room filled with honest, warm and thoughtful folks who love to share their important and interesting lives.

To all my co-writers, you are talented, interesting and enjoyable in your writing and reading material you share.

With so many twists and turns in my life, I always wanted to attempt writing my memoirs. Do I dare continue with this great group every week? Maybe? YES.

Some of these members here in the Sun Lakes Writer’s Group have been together for over 20 years with one or two new members stepping into this room weekly. If you want to find the most unselfish, talented, enjoyable folks stop by and share your life stories.

Food Fight

Joan Berger

Richard wasn’t looking forward to spending his vacation with his wife’s sister, Lisa and her husband Larry. They lived in different states, and the only time they could spend time together was when their kids were out of school and they had vacations from their jobs.

Two years had gone by since their families had gotten together. His wife, Linda, kept making excuses to her sister for not setting a date to see each other. She couldn’t forget how miserable she felt the last time they spent time with them.

Richard and Larry always got along until the year before the Presidential election. Whenever the two men were in the same room an argument over politics would begin. It got so bad they couldn’t wait until it was time for their vacation to end.

Because of what happened the last two years they didn’t want to spend any time with each other. Linda and her sister only kept in touch by phone. Neither one of them wanted to spend another vacation with their husbands fighting with each other.

When their children were young, it was easier to ignore comments meant to antagonize one another. The kids were happy to see each other and vacations were fun.

The last time they spent time together they didn’t have kids with them. Richard’s brother-in-law was determined to goad him into losing his temper. Linda hoped her sister would step in, but Lisa always backed him up. When the vacation ended, Richard decided this was the last time they would spend their vacations with them.

Linda decided to try to give their relationship another try. She talked Richard into joining her sister Lisa and Larry on a cruise. Hopefully, they would be doing so many other things, they wouldn’t have time to disagree. It turned out to be something they all agreed on. They booked a cruise to Hawaii in the month of May. The ship was beautiful and the food was delicious.

Everything was going fine until they heard someone arguing at the table next to them. It seemed like they had too much to drink. They started yelling and shoving each other. Even the women got into the middle of the fight. They were throwing food at each other, and rolling around on the floor.

At first Richard and Linda were too shocked to move. When one of the people at the other table threw a plate of food and hit Richard in the face. Larry picked up a plate from their table and hit the guy back. It became a free-for-all as people at other tables got into the act. The dining room ended up a big mess with people covered in food.

In spite of this, everyone was laughing and joking around. After everything was over, they agreed that they had more fun than they had in years. They are now members of the frequent cruisers club.

Wealth of Will

Kris Szlauko

Begin each break of a new morn with the desire to invigorate all that is good and peaceful. Count all of your blessings and act upon the ever-exciting influence those blessings have on those around you.

Hold close in your mind and spirit that which inspires what you can do, and look to all that is good, kind, and just, to inspire your actions.

Hold on to your moral compass tightly, and it will guide you through the throws of unjust wickedness, that push to derail your clarity of thought and deed.

Sow only seeds of importance of purpose that they may grow in the minds of all who take up the toil of change for the good of humankind.

Harvest only the best of energy and wisdom, and let all else wither with time and lack of empathy. For to carry the banner of evil even for a moment, is to allow it to reseed in the minds of others.

Breathe deeply the airs of friendship, companionship, and grace, as they are the essence of human understanding and love.

Sigh only when appreciating accomplishments of good, and not at your own discontent. For giving into self-discrimination allows it to become a force of evil and detriment.

Praise all that delivers a positive force, and march holding its banner high. Every single step of support adds to the imprint of the parade of good it can create.

Only you can carry your legacy. Only your responsibility of thought and purpose can deliver the message you wish to leave behind.

Your deliverance is as important as your message, for if sent with too much force it will bounce off of ears of those that might well be receptive, and if too quiet may be lost in the thunder of all under expressed messages for an eternity.

When at rest, reflect on your positive influence, and reaffirm your convictions for the day ahead.